Jeep CJ Mods & Installation Write-Ups

Since buying my 1981 CJ7 back in August 2002, I have made a ton of repairs, modifications, upgrades and additions to get it running again and street worhty. Unfortunatly, I didn't get into doing write-ups until after I really began working on my TJ. In reality, I don't know how much they would have helped anyway since most CJ's are a basket case with lingering bad fixes from previous owners. As I always like to say, if you're not mechanically inclined, don't buy a CJ. Anyway, the few write-ups that I have done are listed below and I will be sure to do new write-ups on any mods I do in the future.

Howell Throttle Body Fuel Injection (TBI)
for a Jeep CJ - 258 California Emissions Engine

From day one, I have just been dreaming about a day when I could install a Howell fuel injection system on my CJ. One of the biggest reason for wanting fuel injection was so that I could pass a visual smog inspection but one of the biggest benefits of having a fuel injection system is that I could ditch my piece of crap Carter BBD carburetor! No more crappy idle, no more stalling at the most inopportune moments and no more miles and miles of vacuum lines under the hood.
LoD Heavy Duty Bumper
Swing Away Tire Carrier - Jeep CJ

Got oversized tires and no way to carry a full size spare? Then you need a LoD bumper/tire carrier system. This thing is extremely beefy, well built, can hold up to a 37" tire, has two shackle mounts, a trailer hitch and it's completely rattle free. The best part.... it only costs $359!!
Tech 1 Rock Crawler Wheels
Need a new set of wheels on a budget? Buy a set of black steel Rock Crawlers. They are cheap and look great.
Flush Mounted LED Tail Lights
As function and great looks to your Jeep by installing a set of flush mounted LED tail lights
Writen by: James aka. Stilgar
Serpentine Belt Replacement
for a 258 Engine

Is your serpentine belt worn out, cracked longitudinally or missing ribs? Well, it's time to replace the darn thing and fortunatly for you, it's cheap and easy to do.
Fix Your Leaky AMC20
Is your AMC20 rear axle leaking like a sive? Well, fixing it isn't as difficult as some would suggest.
Raingear Cab Cover - CJ
If you like to keep your Jeep topless but can't fit it into the garage, you need to get yourself a Raingear cab cover. This cover fits like a glove, goes all the way down to the bottom of your doors and does a great job of keep the eliments out of your Jeep including rain!!
Off Road Innovations
Quick Release Mud Flaps

If the state you live in requires that your lifted Jeep have mud flaps but hate the way they look, you'll want a set of these.
Rubicon Express Stainless Steel
Extended Brakelines


If you just lifted your CJ 4" or more, you will need to replace your short factory brakelines before you tear them out.
Rubicon Express Swaybar Disconnects
Maximize your flex potential on the trail by disconnecting your swaybar links.
4WD Aluminum Valve Cover
Ditch your POS plastic factory valve cover with one of these. They look great and you won't have any more leaks!
Herculined My Tub
After doing this mod, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Get rid of your rust magnet some people call carpeting and spray your tub with strong, chip-proof, rust preventing and grippy Herculiner. Looks great and easy to apply.

Update 09/12/03 - New pics of what my Herculiner looks like about one year after applying it to my tub.
258 TFI Ignition Upgrade
Upgrade your wimpy factory ignition with one from a Ford F-150. You will see a significant improvement in the way your engine runs.
M.O.R.E 1/2" Greasable Lift Shackles
These shackles are extremely beefy and will make your leafs feel like you're riding on coils... well almost anyway.
New Rear Cross-member,
Factory 20 gallon Gastank Conversion,
& 4XDoctor Gastank Skidplate

If you are in need of replacing your rear crossmember or plan on installing a factory 20 gallon tank with a 4XDoctor skidplate, this write-up should help you out.
Daystar 1" Body Lift
Need an extra inch of clearance under the fenders or just need to replace your rotting or missing factory body mounts? Then I would highly recommend getting this kit.
M.O.R.E. Heavy Duty
Steering Bracket & Brace

If you just lifted your CJ and threw on some big fat tires than you're gonna need to replace the POS factory steering box bracket to something a little more heavy duty. While you're at it, you should really consider getting a brace too.

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