This is a side view of the bracket from the driver side. As you'll notice, two of the bolts are shown with the threads pointing down. This was done as a solution to the missing nuts that were supposed to be welded inside the frame.
Here is pic of the whole thing. Notice how the brace attaches to the opposite side of the frame creating a triangulated section.

M.O.R.E. Heavy Duty
Steering Bracket & Brace

When I was looking to buy this CJ, I asked the owner if I could take it out for a test drive. Once behind the wheel, I soon realized why he was apprehensive about the idea and looked quite scared when I asked him to ride along. The problem you ask? Well, along with it having NO BRAKES, it also had NO STEERING!! Apparently the flimsy tinfoil holding the steering box had completely broken off the frame. Needless to say, I wound up having it towed home and the very first mod I bought for this beast was a M.O.R.E. Heavy Duty Steering Bracket and Brace. These things are seriously over engineered using 1/2" thick zinc plated steel and man do they ever to the trick. If you've got 33" tire or larger like me, you should really consider this a must have upgrade.

Unfortunatly, there were so many things wrong with the way the privious owner dealt with the broken steering box bracket on my CJ that installing the M.O.R.E. heavy duty bracket and brace turned out to be quite an event. Needless to say, doing a write-up on it beyond saying how much I love the end result would be difficult to do at best and would most likely not apply to anyone else.... or, I suppose maybe it would... I guess I'll have to revisit this write-up at a later date. Anyway, the instructions that came with both parts were more than adequate for any true CJ owner.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

NOTE: A Special thanks need to go to bluesman2a from the JeepUnlimited BB for recommending this setup.

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