Here's what the wheels look like.
This is a close-up shot of the chrome center cap and lug nuts.
This is how they look like on my Jeep
Finally, a view from the rear.
Here's what they look like on my CJ7
Here's a view from the back and side.
Last but not least, here's what the look like close up.
Tech-1 Rock Crawler Black Wheels

If you're upgrading your Jeep to bigger and wider tires, rubbing will be an issue you will need to deal with. This is especially a problem if you have a TJ and are still running factory wheels that only have 5.5" of backspacing. With a 32x11.50 tire or wider, you will need at least 4.5" of backspacing or less, otherwise you will rub your rear spring pearches and your lower control arms at a full turn. There are two ways you can deal with this problem, one is to install 1.25" wheelspacers and the other is to buy new wheels with less backspacing.

I have to admit, for a long time I had a hard time parting with my factory Canyon Wheels so I had run wheelspacers for about two years. Wheelspacers are a great option and good ones only cost around $50 a pieces. Significantly cheaper than a set of new aluminum wheels but if you are on a budget, a set of black RockCrawlers is the way to go.

Looking much like the ever popular AR767s that everyone seems to have these days, Tech-1 RockCrawlers (4wheelparts brand) are black steel wheels that cost about $37 a piece and do not have a red and blue stripe around the edge. 15x8 with 3.75" of backspacing is the most common size purchased amongst Jeepers but I chose to get them with 4.5" of backspacing so that they wouldn't stick out too far beyond my fender flares. These wheels are also available in a 15x10 size, but I would not recommend it if you take your rig on the trails. A 15x10 just will not hold a bead the way a 15x8 can when aired down.

Although it was not needed, I decided to buy new lug nuts for my wheels and they came with chrome center caps all for $24. I had them mounted and balanced (using tape-on weights) at Costco and paid only $40 for all five wheels.

Although I really miss my old Canyon Wheels, I was able to sell them for over $300 on ebay and this more than paid for my new wheels. I'll let you know how I like them in about a year.

Rock Crawler Wheel on My CJ
Well, I liked the new Rock Crawlers on my TJ so much that I decided to get a set for my 1981 CJ7. I still have narrow track axles and so I decided to get 15x8 wheels with 2.75" of backspacing. This is 1" less than what came factory but I did it because I wanted to get a slightly wider stance without hanging too far out beyond the fender flares. Any less and I would be hanging out enough that the local law enforcment would give me grief. Any less and I think my Jeep would just look goofy. As you can see in the pics to the right, I think these wheels make my CJ look real mean :)


Q. What is the bolt pattern on a TJ wheel?
A. 5 on 4.5 (5 bolts spaced 4.5" apart)

Q. What is the bolt pattern on a CJ wheel?
A. 5 on 5.5

Q. Do you have any rubbing issues with 4.5" of back spacing?
A. Now that I am running TrXus 33x12.50s, I did have minor rubbing on the lower control arms at a full turn. I have since fixed this by adding 2 washers to each steer stop.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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