TrXus M/T Mud Terrain Tires by Interco

After years of faithfully riding on BFG M/T's on both my Jeeps, I decided to try something new when it came time to upgrade my TJ's to 33x12.50's. I have always loved my BFG's and it was important for me that whatever I decided to go with had to be as much of a lateral move as possible or better. I had really considered going with Goodyear MT/R's as they are fantastic tires, but their excessive cost priced them out of my scope of consideration. In the end, I have to say that price is ultimately what drove me to give Interco's (manufacture of Super Swamper) TrXus tires another look. At $133 each (what I paid for at 4WheelParts 11/10/04), the 33x12.50 TrXus tire was $32 cheaper than a BFG M/T KM and $66 cheaper than a Goodyear MT/R.

The TrXus M/T is a no frills but plenty of thrills tire and if you're the kind of guy that likes white letters out, you had better look for something else. As far as the quality of the tire goes, I have to say that I am very pleased with them. I am especially impressed at how much thicker the sidewalls are compared to my old BFG M/T KM's and I really like the fact that the lugs are siped. Mounted on a 15x8 wheel at 26psi, the TrXus M/T 33x12.50 came up to an actual height of about 32". One thing I should note is that the TrXus tires are significantly heavier than BFG's and that balancing them can be a challenge. Fortunately for me, the guys at my local 4WheelParts shop know what they are doing and used a combination of traditional weights on the inside of the wheels and tape on weights to get them just right. So far, I have not experienced any problems in handling or wheel balance problems on pavement since getting these tires and I hope to try them out on the trail soon. I will be sure to keep you posted.

Pros & Cons
• Very affordable for an Mud Terrain Tire
• Super thick sidewalls compared to a BFG M/T KM
• Lugs are siped for better traction on wet/icy pavement
• Unique aggressive tread design
• Quite for an Mud Tire
• Taller actual height compared to a BFG M/T KM

• Significantly heavy tire/difficult to balance properly
• Tread depth not as deep compared to a BFG M/T KM


Q. How was your experience buying from 4wheelparts?
Excellent! I had originally gone to America's Tires and the just jerked me around to no end. When all was said an done, America's Tires wanted to charge me about $200 a tire!! When I decided to shop around, I found that 4wheelparts had the lowest no haggle price period. Their mounting/balancing fee was half that of America's Tires, there was no BS shipping fees involved or anything else to whittle off. Their service and friendlyness was bar none I would highly recommend them.

What kind of wheels and what size back spacing are you using?
A. I am running 15x8 Tech 1 Rock Crawlers with 4.5" of back spacing. These allow enough space to run 12.50 wide tires but keeps them tucked under the flares enough that my local law enforcment doesn't give me grief.

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