Rain Gear cab covers fold up and stuff nicely into a handy size bag that comes with your purchase.
Hooks like this are connected to a series of sinch-straps along the corners of the cover.
Use the hooks on holes in the frame or anywhere you can hook them and then tighten up the straps.
This is a rear view of my CJ all wrapped up.
Use this strap through the footman loop on your hood if you do not have a bikini-top.
Raingear Jeep Cab Covers

Let's face it, there's really nothing more fun about a Jeep then to be able to drive it everywhere with the top and doors off. However, the downside to this is that it's a real pain in the butt when it comes time to put everything back on. So, like many of us, I just leave it all off most of the year. Well, this wouldn't be a problem if I could fit my CJ into my garage but at almost 7 feet at it's tallest point, it has to say out on the street.

I first started looking into some kind of a cover for my Jeep not to protect the crappy paint job but rather to keep out neighborhood cats fighting to mark their territory on my floorboards. The first cover I got was a full one made by Steelhorse. For most of you out there, that's all I probably need to tell you. For newbies out there, let's just say that this cover was a glorified paper towel that basically self destructed after the first rain storm.... what a waste of money!

I have since moved and no longer have cats to contend with but my CJ is still on the street and now it's underneath a canopy of messy eucalyptus trees. So, I started to look into another cover and after doing some research, one company came up time after time with high praises from their customers.... Raingear.

The cover cost me $95 including shipping but can tell you that the quaility and fit of it is bar none and worth every penny. Also, I placed my order for a new cab cover from Raingear on a Monday and this thing showed up on my doorstep by Wednesday!!

How to Use
1. Remove your new Raingear Jeep cab cover from its handy storage bag and keep it rolled up.

2. Unroll the cab cover length wise from the back of your Jeep, over the top of the roll bar and then over the windshield (see pic on left). Make sure that the "Raingear" logo ends up on the windshield.

3. Unfold the cab cover and fit it around the cab of your Jeep until it's snuggly in place. Make sure all the tie-down straps are hanging to the ground and not caught up somewhere inside tha cab.

4. Attach the cab cover tie-down hooks to holes on the frame rails as shown in the pic to the left. Once hooked on, cinch them down corner to corner and then cinch in the sides.

That's it, your done! This cover is really that simple and quick to put on/take off.

NOTE: If you don't have a bikin top, there is a strap on the front/center of the cover which is intended to be secured to the footman loop on your hood. Attach and then cinch this strap down to remove any excess slack on the cover.

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