Rubicon Express Swaybar Quick Disconnects

I bought these Rubicon Express Swaybar Quick Disconnects from Jeff over at AllMyNeeds.com and they have been by far one of the fastest and easiest mods I've done yet. Before you order a set for yourself, be sure you know the length you will need as these come with center tubs ranging from 4" - 10" long. I did not know this and when my order showed up, the tubs were too short. Fortunatly for me, Jeff is way cool and got new 8" tubes sent to me right away!

What You Will Need
• Rubicon Express Swaybar Quick Disconnects
with the correct length center tubes

1. As mentioned, Installing these is really a piece of cake. Parked on level ground, unbolt your sway bar links from the U-bolt plates and unscrew the nuts on the swaybar.

2. The bolts holding the swaybar links to the swaybar are tappered and will require a pickle fork or a couple of good whacks from a hammer to get them out.

3. Re-assemble everything with the new disconnects and you're done.

Post Installation Notes:
in case anyone is wondering, these disconnects are anything but quick and I would highly recommend going with another brand. Simply put, they are way too difficult to use especially compaired to my TJ's JKS discos.
That should be it. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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