What You will Need
Cobra 75WXST CB Radio
CB Antenna
• 15'-18' Coax Cable
• Fuse Adapter (2001-Up Jeep TJ's)
• External Speaker w/mini-jack wire
• Wire Connectors
• Ring or Open Spade Wire Connector
• Wire Connector Pliers
• Zip-ties
• Phillips Screwdriver
• Wire Cutters
• SWR Meter

Cobra 75WXST CB Radio

To communicate effectively on the trail or just to chit-chat on the highway, every real Jeeper needs to have a CB radio in there rig. However, if you've got a Jeep TJ, where in the heck do you install one right? That's why I decided to get a Cobra 75WXST.

Unlike any other CB radio on the market, the Cobra 75WXST has a handset that has all the controls you need to operate it and a very small main unit that can be installed just about anywhere. This CB radio also features weather band channels and a mini-jack which allows you to install an external speaker (I highly recommend getting one). Another benefit of this CB is that the hand set can be easily detached allowing you to store it out of sight inside your glove box or center consol when you have your top off.

The only downsides of this CB is the lack of a PA and that the speaker in the handset is simply too small. But, having a PA is really just a perk and with an external speaker, this CB radio can be heard very clearly. Overall, I really like this CB and would recommend it to anyone considering buying one.

1. Pop open your hood and disconnect the negative lead to your battery using a 1/2" wrench.

2. Climb in the passenger side of your Jeep and open up your glove box. Remove its contents, slide off the limiting strap on the right side of the box and then rotate the whole thing downward until it can be separated from its hinges. You should now be able to see your fuse box.
Cobra 75WXST Main Unit 3. The Cobra 75WXST CB Radio's main unit is small enough to be mounted just about anywhere in your Jeep. I decided to just zip-tie mine onto a braided cable behind the glove box. I chose this location because of its close proximity to the fuse box and the fact that it's nicely hidden away and easy to get to if needed.
Jeep TJ Auxillary Power Leads

Fuse Adapter
4. On 1997-2000 Jeep TJ Wranglers, look up and around the upper right hand side of the fuse box and you should be able to located two wires as shown in the pic to the left. These are both auxiliary power leads, the light blue wire is "Switched" (gets power when the key is switched on) and the red wire is "Un-switched" meaning it is powered all the time. Attach your Cobra 75WXST CB radio's power lead to the light blue "Switched" power lead.

On 2001-2006 Jeep TJ Wranglers, these auxillary power leads do not exist and I would recommend using a fuse adapter like the one shown in the pic to the left instead.
Jeep Ground Location 5. Take the Cobra 75WXST CB Radio ground wire (black), attach a ring spade to the end of it and then hook it up to the existing ground connection under the dash on the passenger side of your Jeep.
Cobra 75WXST Main Unit Coax Connection 6. Connect your coax antenna cable to the main unit of the Cobra 75WXST CB Radio. If you purchased an external speaker, connect the mini-jack wire lead to the main unit at this time.

Cobra 75WXST Connector 7. Route your Cobra 75WXST CB Radio handset cord behind the center consol and then attach it to the main unit connection. Now, re-install your glove box.
Cobra CB Radio Handset Mount 8. Attach your handset mount to a location of your choice. I decided to mount mine just to the right of the steering wheel under the instrument cluster as show in the photo.
Cobra External Speaker 9. Attach your Cobra External speaker to the center of your roll bar using pipe clamps or zip-ties and then routed the wire through the roll bar padding and under the carpet along the side of the tub.
Firestick II Antenna Mount 10. You should now proceed to mount your CB antenna to the outside of your Jeep. Click on the link below to see my write-ups.

Spare Tire Carrier CB Antenna Mount
Tailgate CB Antenna Mount
CB SWR Tuning 11. Once everything has been installed, hook your batteries negative lead back on and then be sure to tune your CB antenna with an SWR meter. The reading you are looking for is 1.0 to 1.5. Keep adjusting your antenna until you get close to this range.
Jeep TJ Interior That should be it. Your new Cobra 75WXST is now installed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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