You will need to buy a piece of 1/8"x1" angle steel from your local hardware store.
Cut off a 5" length of the angle steel using a jig-saw with a metal cutting blade.
Using a center punch, mark off two holes 4" apart - center to center and then one in the center on the opposite side.
Slowly drill your holes into the angle steel. It's always a good idea to use some oil while drilling.
Using a 1/2" wrench, remove two of the upper bolts that used to secure your factory tire carrier to the tailgate.
This is what your new antenna mount will look like once it's finished and painted.
This is what it should look like once everything's is installed. (shown in the up position)
Here is the finished product again but this time in the down position. I chose this option because it allowed me to just squeak in to the garage with my antenna on.
Here's a shot of my Jeep from the rear with the LoD Bumper/Tire-Carrier and my CB antenna on.
Antenna Wire Routing
Here you can see how the coax cable comes through the tailgate.
The notch in the plastic cover provides an exit for the coax cable and holds it in place.
Coax cable routed along the tub underneath the carpeting.
Homemade Jeep Tailgate CB Antenna Mount
For Use with a Swing Out Tire Carrier

If you have a bumper/swing out tire carrier like the one made by LoD, here is a quick, cheap and easy way to make your own CB antenna mount using the bolts left behind from your old tailgate tire carrier. If you do not have a swing out tire carrier, check out my original CB antenna mount write-up which is designed to be used with a factory tire carrier.

What You Will Need

• 1/8" x 1" Angle Steel
• Socket - 1/2"
• Wrench - 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"
• Ratchet
• Jig Saw w/Metal Cutting Blade
• Bench Vice
• Safety Goggles
• Drill Press or Hand Drill
• Cobalt Drill Bits - 3/8", 5/16"
• Clamps
• Drilling Oil
• Center Punch
• Hammer
• Dremel
• Grinding Bit
• Metal Cutting Bit
• Metal File
• Rubbing Alcohol
• Primer & Paint

Fabrication and Installation
1. Take your angle steel, measure a 5" length of it and then mark it with a Sharpe marker.

2. Place your angle steel in a bench vice and slowly cut off the 5" length using a jig-saw with a metal cutting blade. The best way to do this is to cut through one half and then flipping it over to finish it off. That way, you are always cutting on the flat side (see pic to the left).

3. Using a metal file or Dremel with a grinding bit, clean off any rough edged or burrs left behind from the cutting.

4. Lay your bracket flat on one side and mark off two drilling points 4" apart, center to center using a center punch.

5. Flip the bracket flat on the opposite side and mark off one drilling point in the center using center punch.

6. Position your bracket on your drill press and clamp it down (if you only have a hand drill, clamp the bracket to a wooden board). Now, put a little oil on and then slowly drill the two mounting holes one at a time using a 3/8" drill bit. Make sure to re-clamp your bracket down each time you move it. Then, flip the bracket, position it, clamp it down and then drill out the single center antenna mounting hole using a 5/16" drill bit. Clean up the rough edges and burrs using a Dremel with a grinding bit.

7. Now, go to the back of your Jeep and remove two of the upper bolts that used to secure your factory tire carrier to the tailgate. You will need a 1/2" socket or wrench to do this.

8. Do a test fit of your new bracket onto your tailgate to make sure the holes you drilled are accurate. If the bolts do not fit correctly, place your bracket in a bench vice and widen them up a bit using a Dremel with a grinding bit or metal cutting bit. Repeat process until your bracket can be mounted with ease.

9. Clean your bracket thoroughly using rubbing alcohol to remove any oils left from drilling.

10. Prime and paint your bracket. I used Rustoleum Auto Primer and Industrial Hard Hat Gloss Black. Allow 24hr. drying time before mounting to your Jeep.

11. Bolt up your new bracket to your tailgate using the factory bolts as shown in the pic to the left. You can bolt it up with the antenna mounting surface up or down. I chose to bolt mine up in the down position only because it gave me just enough clearance to get into the garage with the antenna on. I also mounted my bracket using the driverside bolt so that the antenna would clear the hard top glass. If you do not have a hard top.

Optional Stuff

12. If you're just going to bring you coax cable into you Jeep through the tailgate or through the window, you are pretty much done here. However, if you want to route it through the tailgate like I did, then now is the time to bust out your trusty Dremel. From here, you'll need to remove the plastic cover, undo the wiring for the 3rd brake light and pull it out of the tailgate door.

13. Using a Dremel and a metal grinding bit, I widened the existing hole large enough to squeeze a the connecting head of the coax cable. Touch up the rough edges with some touch up paint to prevent rust.

14. From the outside of the tailgate, fish the coax cable through one of your new rubber grommets, pull the cable inside of your Jeep through the tailgate hole and then cap both sides with the new grommets.

15. Using my Dremel again, I cut a notch out on the plastic cover for the cable to come out (This will also hold your cable in place) and then routed the cable along side of my tub behind the carpeting.

16. Put everything back together and you are done.

That's it, your done! This project should cost no more than $5 in materials. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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