Here's what the antenna mount looks like when done.
The tire carrier bolt is a perfect place to mount a bracket.
I used the existing hole for the 3rd brake light wiring to route the coax cable into my Jeep.
Here you can see how the coax cable comes through the tailgate.
The notch in the plastic cover provides an exit for the coax cable and holds it in place.
Coax cable routed along the tub underneath the carpeting.
Homemade Jeep CB Antenna Mount

Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, I really like fabricating parts that incorporate existing elements on my Jeep. In the case of a CB antenna, I wanted to make a mount that would somehow attach to the spare tire carrier and be wired through the tailgate as opposed to through the rubber seal of the door or window. This mount is made of 1"x1/8" steal bar stock which I drilled, shaped and painted. It's attached to the tire carrier using the existing bolt to the right of the 3rd brake light. I wired the coax cable through the existing hole in the tailgate (used by the 3rd brake-light) which I had widened using a Dremel and then capped off with a set of rubber grommets. Inside, the cable runs behind the carpeting along the upper side of the tub and is supported at the tailgate through a notch I had made on the top part of the plastic cover. This allows the tailgate to open and close without the cable getting in the way.

What You Will Need
• 1"x1/8" Stainless Steel Bar Stock
• Jigsaw with Metal cutting blades or Hacksaw
• Bench Vice
• 5/16" & 3/8" Cobalt Drill-bit or equivalent metal drill bit
• Hammer
• File
• Standard 3/8x24 thread mount (can be found at Radio Shack)
• (2) - 5/8" Rubber Grommets
• Antenna Mount Diagram CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF of it.

1. Start by taking your bar stock and mark it off according to the diagram provided above (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader). Be sure to locate the 3/8" hole on the end of the bar stock.

2. Drill your two holes in their designated locations. To insure a good clean hole, be sure to mark the center point with a punch and use oil.

3. Place your bar stock in a bench vice up to the 1" line and then bend it over using a hammer. If you have a torch handy, heating it up first will make this process easier.

4. Using a jigsaw or hacksaw, cut off the rest of the bar stock leaving only the piece you are working on.

5. Place your mount to be back in the bench vice with the lower end in up to the line you had marked off and bend it back a little with your hammer. You may need to tap the top flat part down a bit to make it level again. With a file, clean up your rough edges.

6. With you new mount in hand, remove your spare tire from the carrier and the bolt on the top right hand corner.

7. Bolt on your new antenna mount using the spare tire carrier bolt and then attach your threaded mount.

Optional Stuff
8. If you're just going to bring you coax cable into you Jeep through the tailgate or through the window, you are pretty much done here. However, if you want to route it through the tailgate like I did, then now is the time to bust out your trusty Dremel. From here, you'll need to remove the plastic cover, undo the wiring for the 3rd brake light and pull it out of the tailgate door.

9. Using a Dremel and a metal grinding bit, I widened the existing hole large enough to squeeze a the connecting head of the coax cable. Touch up the rough edges with some touch up paint to prevent rust.

10. From the outside of the tailgate, fish the coax cable through one of your new rubber grommets, pull the cable inside of your Jeep through the tailgate hole and then cap both sides with the new grommets.

11. Using my Dremel again, I cut a notch out on the plastic cover for the cable to come out (This will also hold your cable in place) and then routed the cable along side of my tub behind the carpeting.

12. Put everything back together and you are done.

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