LoD Rear Bumper Tire Carrier Jeep TJ

Here's a pic of all the pieces you will get with your new LoD bumper &
tire carrier
LoD Bumper Tire Carrier Parts
Remove your plastic end caps using a T-30 Torx Bit
Jeep Bumper Removal
Remove the two bolts behind the cross member as well as the one underneath attached to the frame
Jeep Rear Cross Member
Using a center punch, mark the location you will need to drill
Jeep Rear Cross Member Marking
Drill pilot holes using a smaller bit Jeep Rear Cross Member Drilling
Carefully drill your holes into your rear cross member
Jeep Rear Cross Member Drilling
It's difficult but not impossible to hold the mounting plate while threading the bolts through it
LoD Bumper Bracket Installation
Tighten up all four mounting bolts LoD Bumper Bracket Installation
Tighten up the frame rail bracket bolts LoD Bumper Bracket Installation
Remove the plastic cover on your tailgate and disconnect the two wires for your 3rd brake light (NOTE: the other black wire you see is my CB antenna cable) Jeep Wrangler TJ Tail Gate
Remove your 3rd brake light and OEM spare tire carrier Jeep Wrangler TJ Tail Gate
Lube up the LoD bumper 1" solid hinge pin with some white lithium grease LoD Bumper Hinge Pin
Carefully insert the A-frame over the hinge pin and pound it on using a 3 lb. hammer and a wooden board LoD Bumper Tire Carrier Install
Remove the bottom two rubber isolators from your Jeep's tailgate for use on the LoD's A-Frame Jeep TJ Wrangler Tailgate Mounts
Using a bench vice and a hack saw, trim down your rubber isolators Jeep Rubber Isolator
Install the trimmed down rubber isolator using the factory torx bolts on to the A-frame. Notice, I have a 1" body lift so I mounted the isolators onto the upper holes Jeep Rubber Isolator
Here you can see how the rubber isolators create a snug and rattle free fit Jeep Rubber Isolator
On newer bumpers, the design has been changed to include a metal flange that does not require you to modify your rubber isolators LoD Tire Carrier Bracket
Adjust your tire mount to the position required for your wheels backspacing and and lock it down LoD Bumper Tire Carrier Mount
Here's what your new LoD bumper/tire carrier looks like installed on a Jeep Wrangler TJ LoD Bumper Tire Carrier
Here's a pic of the LoD bumper/tire-carrier in the open position LoD Bumper Tire Carrier
Here you can see the LoD Bumper hitch safety chain mounting tabs for a trailer LoD Bumper Tire Carrier Hitch
Last but not least, here's a close up look at the LoD bumper when all is said and done LoD Bumper Tire Carrier
Click Here to See My Homemade Hi-Lift Jack Mount for an LoD Bumper/Tire-Carrier LoD Bumper Tire Carrier Hi Lift Jack
LoD bumper/tire-carrier crash tested.
Photos provided by Mark Wheeler
"The LoD bumper came through unscathed! Just a smear of Saab on the bumper."
— Mark Wheeler
Bumper Installation Tip
By John Schweitzer

Take a rope (ski-rope) and cut it to about 4 feet. Thread it thru the hole in the bumper and cross member. Then put the top nut on the plate on it by sliding it on the rope. Tie a knot behind the plate/nuts. Guide it behind the cross member with fingers and then pull the rope snug and…WHACK, right in place and you can put the bottom nut in quite easily. Hand tighten that baby and then put the top one in after pulling the rope out.

The knot holds the plate against the inside of the cross member right at the top hole.

Alternate Bumper Installation Tip

If getting your fingers behind the Jeep's rear cross member proves to be too difficult, place a floor jack under your gas tank skid plate to help support its weight and then remove all the nuts securing it to your rear cross member. Then, slowly lower your floor jack a bit and let the rear of your gas tank droop. This should give you more room to work with.
LoD Heavy Duty Jeep Rear Bumper Tire Carrier
1987-2006 Jeep TJ & YJ Wranglers

Sooner or later, every Jeep owner gives their rig a lift and with a lift comes bigger tires. It's just inevitable. Only problem is, what do you do about carrying a full size spare? Attaching it to your factory tire carrier on the tailgate is problematic at best and breakage just waiting to happen at worst. What you need to do is get the weight off of your tailgate and on to your frame. The solution? Install a heavy duty rock bumper with a swing away tire carrier. Unfortunately, a good setup will set you back about $500-$600 right? Wrong. LoD is an upcoming manufacturer of heavy duty rock bumpers, skid plates, rocker guards and other Jeep accessories. Their goal is to provide their customers with the highest quality products but at a price they can afford. I can tell you first hand that the LoD heavy duty bumper/tire carrier system is extremely beefy and well built. The black powder coating is superb, it can hold up to a 37" tire, has two shackle mounts, a trailer hitch and it's completely rattle free. The best part.... it was way cheaper than the competition!! And, for a few bucks more, you can upgrade to an LoD Xtreme Duty Jeep Rear Bumper/Tire-Carrier.

What You Need
LoD Heavy Duty Jeep Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier
• 13, 18, 19mm Sockets & Wrenches
• 5/8" Wrench
• T-30 Torx Bit
• Ratchet
• 1/8", 1/2" Cobalt Drill Bit or Unibit (optional)
• Hand Drill
• Tape Measure or 36" Straight Edge w/Ruler
• Center Punch
• White Lithium Grease
• Standard Hammer
• 3 lb. Hammer
• Wooden Board or Block
• Hack Saw
• Bench Vice
• Small Round File
• Dremel
• Grinding Bit for Dremel

• Floor Jack

1. Open up your boxes and make sure you have the LoD bumper, A-frame tire carrier, tire mounting bracket, bumper mounting plates and hardware. If you are missing anything, now is the time to figure things out. Please look carefully for the hardware as it is small and easy to miss. My hardware was wrapped up in a ball of newspaper and I almost threw it out. DO NOT assemble the A-frame section onto the bumper at this time.

Begin this project by removing your Jeep's plastic bumper end caps. To do this, you will need a T-30 Torx Bit to remove two bolts on top, two underneath and one attached to a flange behind the bumper.

If you have a factory Jeep J-hook style tow hook, remove it using a 19mm and 18mm socket. Be sure to extract the metal tab with the nut welded on to it from inside your frame.

4. There are a total of 6 bolts securing your factory bumper to your Jeep. On either side, you will find two bolts located directly behind the rear cross member and one underneath attached to your frame rail. Using an 18mm socket, remove all six bolts but keep the two that were attached underneath the frame rail handy as they will be re-used. Remove your bumper.

5. Clean up and wipe down your Jeep's rear cross member.

6. For reasons of strength, you will need to drill two sets of new mounting holes in your Jeep's rear cross member (This step is for 1998 and newer TJ's only - YJ's and 1997 TJ's do not require drilling). These new holes will be located just inside the frame rails 32" apart center to center. Each set will require two vertically aligned 1/2" holes to be drilled 1-1/8" apart center to center. Temporarily attach just the new LoD bumper to your rear cross member by securing it to the frame rails with the factory bolts. Using the bumper as a template, mark off the points where you need to drill your holes with a short pencil or grease pencil. Remove the bumper and then mark your drilling points with a center punch.

7. A 1/2" drill bit is quite large and can be difficult to get started right where you need it. So, to insure accuracy, I decided to drill 1/8" pilot holes first. These pilot hole helps guide the larger 1/2" bit or unibit to stay where it needs to be. Drill slowly and try not to push too hard. If you punch through with all your weight behind the drill, you just may end up poking a hole in your gas tank and that ain't good.

8. Clean up your holes with a file or Dremel with a grinding bit.

9. Here's where a friend to help you out comes in handy. Lift your new LoD bumper up to your Jeep's rear cross member and thread in the two bolts that attach the bottom brackets to the bottom of your frame rails. Do not tighten the bolts at this time as you may need to shift the bumper around to get all the other bolts on.

10. Now comes the fun part. With your friend holding the LoD bumper up and in place, take one of the mounting brackets with the two nuts welded on and slip it behind your rear cross member on the driver side of your Jeep. Hold the mounting bracket with the flush side up against the back of the cross member where you drilled the holes earlier and thread in the two bolts in finger tight. The space behind your cross member is very tight so be patient and take your time.

11. Repeat step number 10 on the passenger side of your Jeep.

12. Using a 5/8" wrench, tighten up all four mounting bolts attached to your Jeep's rear cross member. Be sure to tighten the two bolts under your frame rails at this time as well using an 18mm wrench.

13. Great! Now that you have your new LoD bumper mounted on your Jeep, it time to install the A-frame swing out tire carrier. To begin, open your tailgate and remove the bolt securing the small plastic cover on the hinge side using a phillips screwdriver.

14. Disconnect the two wires leads for your Jeep's 3rd brake light by pulling on them firmly one at a time. The wires are just plugged into the contacts so no cutting is necessary. From the outside of your Jeep's tailgate door, carefully pull each connector out one at a time. You may need to pull the rubber grommet out first in order to do this. If you do need to remove the rubber grommet, be sure to replace it once the wires have been extracted. Re-attach the plastic cover onto your tailgate door.

15. Now, remove the four 13mm bolts attaching your Jeep's 3rd brake light assembly to the OEM tire carrier. Set aside your 3rd brake light and proceed to remove the five 13mm bolts securing your OEM tire carrier to your tailgate.

16. Using some white lithium grease, lube up the 1" hinge pin on the LoD bumper as shown in the pic to the left.

17. With the help of a friend, hold the A-frame hinge section over the hinge pin on the LoD bumper, place a board or a block of wood over the hinge and then tap it onto the hinge pin using a 3 lb. hammer. Keep tapping until it is all the way on.

NOTE: Steps 18-21 are for older LoD bumper tire carrier models. Newer LoD bumpers have been redesigned to include a metal flange that does not require you to modify your rubber isolators.

18. Using a T-30 Torx bit, remove the two lower spare tire rubber isolators from your Jeep's tailgate.

19. Place one of the rubber isolator in a bench vice and trim off the top just above the seam using a hacksaw as shown in the pic to the right. Repeat this process on the other isolator.

20. If you look on the back side of the LoD A-frame tire carrier section, you will notice four pre-drilled and pre-threaded holes (two on either side) where the cross brace is located. You will need to re-mount your trimmed rubber isolators at this location on your A-frame. The lower holes are for Jeeps without a body lift and the upper holes are for Jeeps with a 1" Body Lift. It is very important to install these rubber isolators onto the A-frame section as they are intended to make contact with the upper isolators still on your tailgate. This will provide a tight fit and keep your tire carrier rattle free.

21. Slowly close the LoD A-frame shut and check to see how much contact is being made on the rubber isolators. If the A-frame will not shut, remove the rubber isolators and trim them down some more.

22. The spare tire mounting bracket that comes with the LoD tire carrier is adjustable. Be sure to mount this bracket onto your A-frame in a location that will provide a tight fit once your spare tire is on it. When all is said and done, your spare tire should sit firmly against the A-frame. If it doesn't, relocate the mounting bracket back a hole.

23. If you live in a state where a 3rd brake light is required, you will need to buy and/or make an aftermarket light. Here are a couple of links that should help you out:

Tuna Can LED Write-Up
ORO PlateLITE & Rock Hard License Plate Bracket

24. Last but not least, lube up your LoD Bumper latch pin and spring with with some white lithium grease or other spray on lubricant to help insure its ease of use. Re-apply lube to this area on a regular basis.

That should be it. You now have a functional mod that looks great too!! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Post Installation Notes
I have been using the LoD bumper tire carrier for well over two years now and can tell you that I absolutely love it. It looks great, works flawlessly and is in fact completely rattle free. This thing is every bit a good as, if not better than most high priced name brand tire carriers out on the market today.... but, sells for about half the cost.

It has come to my attention that people who live in areas with a lot of rain or salted roads may experience a sticking latch pin due to rust. I would recommend that regardless of where you live, please make sure to keep this latch pin and spring lubed on a regular basis with some white lithium grease or other spray on lubricant to help prevent rusting.

Special Thanks
I would like to give special thanks to Doug Pinckney (aka. Thumps) for helping me to add a few extra tips that should help you out during your installation.

Q. What gauge steel is the LoD bumper made out of and how much does it weigh?
A. The LoD bumper is made out of 11 Gauge Steel (1/8" thick) and it weighs about 65 lbs.

Q. What is the tow rating for the hitch?
A. The LoD bumper hitch has not "officially" been tow rated. However, there are plenty of guys using it to pull small trailers and/or boats. I would just recommend NOT exceeding the 2,000 lb. maximum pulling weight and 200 lb. tongue weight capacity as stated by Jeep. Even if it can support more I would not advise it on a short wheel base vehicle like a Jeep.

Q. Does the trailer hitch have any safety chain mounts?
A. Yes, as you can see in the pic to the right, there are two flanges with holes drilled into them for safety a chain to hook up.

Q. Does the LoD bumper come with frame tie-ins?
A. This bumper requires you to drill new mounting points just inside of the frame rails. These new mounting points are significantly stronger than the factory points which are located on the ends of the rear cross member. LoD bumpers also come with two additional straps that tie into the frame rails using factory mounting holes.

Q. Where can I find out more information about LoD? Do they have any catalogs or website I can visit?
A. LoD is an upcoming manufacturer of Jeep parts that I am trying to help out. For now, the only information available is what you see here on my website.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my LoD bumper/tire-carrier?
A. Typically, your order will take anywhere between 5-7 working days to process and 7-10 working days to deliver via UPS Ground Service.

UPDATE 02/01/07:
LoD is currently backed up a bit and orders are taking about 2-3 weeks to process. Once completed, shipping will take approximately 3-5 working days to deliver from Indiana via UPS Ground Service.

Q. I do not have a PayPal account, can I still pay by credit card?
A. Yes. LoD can accept Visa, Master Card and American Express through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by Credit Card. LoD will also accept payment by Money Order.

Q. Is the LoD bumper really 100% rattle free?
A. Yes. The A-frame section on the bumper has a metal flange that pushes up against your tailgate rubber isolator to create a snug fit. Some slight trimming of the rubber isolator may be required to allow for proper closure.

Q. Is LoD and 4x4xplor.com affiliated with each other?
A. 4x4xplor.com and LoD are friends and I help them sell their products. In turn, LoD gives a small percent back on every item sold through this website to help support its existence.

As Stated by LoD
FINALLY, a tire carrier that can hold up to a 37” spare for your TJ and YJ or CJ-7 – at an affordable price. LoD Jeep Tire Carriers are built to withstand the harshest conditions that today’s off-road enthusiasts can put them through. LoD tire carriers feature two (2) double sealed ball bearings that are pressed into the top A-frame – creating a very strong, very tight fit around the 1” solid steel pin, fully welded into the bottom bumper. Additionally, every LoD Tire Carrier features an innovative heavy-duty self-latching slam latch with a 5/8” steel locking pin. The bottom bumper is equipped with two (2) CNC laser cut clevis mounts that are fully welded to withstand the off-road punishment. The top tire holder is fully adjustable to accommodate wheels with different backspacing. All LoD tire carriers come with a 2” Receiver welded to the bottom of the bumper and gussets – and welded to the back for extra bracing and trailer safety chains. Fully POWDER COATED black for a long lasting, durable finish. Each LoD Tire Carrier mounts to existing holes on the bottom of the frame on TJ and YJ’s and also to the cross member on the back of the frame for a very secure fit. The LoD Tire Carrier package includes cross member strengthening brackets (for TJ and YJ’s) and the CJ-7 Kit includes frame tie in brackets. All bolts are included except for the bottom two bolts of the frame – due to varying sizes. (98 and newer TJ’s require four, ½” holes to be drilled in the cross member) MADE IN THE USA.

NOTE: This write-up has been provided as a reference only. 4x4xplor.com and/or its author are not responsible for any errors, incorrect or missing information. LoD is solely responsible for the quality of all their products.

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