ORO Off Road Only
LitePLATE LED License Plate
& 3rd Brake Light
What You will Need
ORO LitePLATE License Plate Light
Rock Hard License Plate Bracket
• Flat Head Screwdriver
• 7/16" Wrench
• Wire Cutters
• Wire Strippers or Utility Knife
• Pliers
• Solder Iron
• Flux Core Solder
• Heat Gun

• Electrical Tape or Heat Shrink Bands
• (4) 1/4" Machine Screws/Nuts
• Zip-Ties

What You Will Get
• ORO LitePLATE w/Weather Pack Plug
• 5 ft. Harness w/Weather Pack Plug
• (3) Solder seal shrink connectors
Off Road Only LitePLATE LED
Jeep License Plate & 3rd Brake Light

Have you just installed a pair of new LED tail lights on your Jeep and are now in need of a license plate light? Or, have you just installed a new bumper tire carrier and now need a 3rd brake light that will bolt up to it and satisfy your local state inspectors? Or, are you just sick and tired of your faded and beat up factory license plate holder getting knocked off on the rocks? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you need to get an Off Road Only LitePLATE LED license plate light/3rd Brake Light and a Rock Hard 4x4 license plate relocation bracket.

The write-up below is for the installation of an Off Road Only LitePLATE on a Rock Hard 4x4 spare tire relocation bracket. If you are planning to install your LitePLATE on the factory Jeep mounting location, click on the LiteDOT link below and scroll to the bottom of the write-up:

LiteDOT LED Tail Lights & LitePLATE License Plate Installation

Here's a pic of what your new Off Road Only LitePLATE license plate and 3rd brake light looks like right out of the box. As you can see, the ORO LitePLATE comes complete with a 5 ft. long wiring harness and weather pack plug allowing you to disconnect the LitePLATE when removing your spare tire.
1. Underneath the passenger side rear quarter panel, pull the plastic cover down, reach up inside and locate the tail light wiring harness plug and then disconnect it.

2. Reach over to the side of the tub where the metal conacts are located for the tail gate's 3rd brake light wiring harness. There should be 2 rubber coated plugs here attached to the metal contacts. Simply pull on them to disconnect them.

3. Cut the 2 plugs off your Jeep's 3rd brake light wiring harness as well as the BLACK/YELLOW TRACER wire on to the Jeep's tail light wiring harness and then splice them on to the ORO LitePLATE wires accordingly:

• LitePLATE RED wire to the Jeep 3rd Brake light WHITE/RED TRACE wire.

• LitePLATE BARE wire to the Jeep 3rd Brake light BLACK wire.

4. Solder the wire together and then wrap them up well in electrical tape. Or, if you prefer, use a heat gun and shrink bands to seal things up.
5. Remove your Jeep's license plate. 6. Position your new ORO LitePLATE behind your license plate and mark off where it will need to trim at top. 7. Using a Dremel with a metal cutting bit, cut a small notch on the top of your license plate where the wiring harness will sit.
8. Remove your Jeep's spare tire and slip on the Rock Hard license plate relocation bracket on to the mounting studs. Reinstall your spare tire. 9. Route the PlateLITE wiring around your body mount and up to the wheel of your Jeep's spare tire. 10. If you have a bumper tire carrier like me, zip-tie your PlateLITE wiring to the frame.
11. Slip the PlateLITE weather pack plug through one of the holes in your wheel 12. Affix the license plate portion of your new Rock Hard relocation bracket and secure it in place by tightening the thumb screw. 13. Using 2 machine screws and nuts, attach your license plate to the lower two holes on your new Rock Hard relocation bracket.
14. Slip your new PlateLITE in between your license plate and Rock Hard relocation bracket and center it accordingly.
15. Secure the upper 2 holes on your license plate and PlateLITE to the Rock Hard relocation bracket using 2 machine screws and nuts.
16. Connect the 2 ends of the PlateLITE weather pack plugs.
That should be it. You now have a multifunctional mod on Jeep that solves your license plate light and 3rd brake light problem. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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