What You will Need
Hi-Lift Jack
• 2 - 3-1/2"x
1/2" Bolts
• 10 - 1/2" Washers
• 2 - 1/2" Wing Nuts
• 1 - 1/2" Shock Bushing Metal Sleeve
• 1/2" Cobalt or Metal Drilling Bit
• 3/4" Socket & Wrench
• Ratchet
• Hammer
• Center Punch
• Hand Drill
• Hack Saw
• Bench Vice

Homemade Vertical Hi-Lift Jack Mount
for LoD Rear Bumper/Tire-Carriers

Although I am confident that LoD will deliver and manufacture a bolt on Hi-Lift Jack mount in the near future, I got impatient waiting and decided to see what I could come up with. A quick trip to my local Lowes Hardware store and about $10 later, I had all the parts I needed to make my very own homemade Hi-Lift Jack mount for my LoD bumper tire-carrier.


1. To begin making your Hi-Lift mount, remove your spare tire from the LoD tire-carrier.

2. Use a center punch and hammer to locate and mark a drilling point on the top cross bar of the LoD A-Frame. Then, using a hand drill and 1/2" bit, carefully and slowly drill a hole through this point. If you have a hard or soft-top on, you might want to open the rear window so you don't accidentally break through it. Or, you can have someone help you hold the A-Frame in an open position while you drill through it.

3. Slip a washer on one of your 3-1/2"x1/2" bolts and then slide it through your newly drilled hole as shown in the pic to the left.
4. Hang your Hi-Lift Jack from the bolt you just installed on the LoD top cross bar of the A-Frame and use it as a template to locate the bottom mounting point. Again, use a center punch and hammer to mark the point you need to drill through.
5. Proceed to drill your second hole through the middle cross bar on your LoD A-Frame. Once again, having someone help you hold the A-Frame in place will make this job a lot easier.
6. Install a total of 4 washers onto the top Hi-Lift Jack mounting bolt. These washers will help keep the actual Hi-Lift Jack just enough away from the A-Frame finish and secured in place.
7. The lower Hi-Lift Jack mount is recessed a bit from the upper cross bar and more of a spacer was needed. You could just use more washers here but I decided to hack down a left over metal shock bushing sleeve and sandwich it between 2 washers as shown in the pic to the left.
8. Hang your Hi-Lift Jack onto your new mounting bolts, slip on a washer and then secure it in place using your new 1/2" Wing nuts
9. In order for your Hi-Lift Jack to fit between your tailgate and the LoD tire-carrier, the base will need to be removed and stored inside your Jeep. Although this may seem like a burden, the part of any Hi-Lift that rattles the most is the base. Need I say, you get a quiet ride.
Additional Photos

That's pretty much it in a nut shell. Super easy to make and super cheap too. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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