Oil Change - Jeep 4.0L Engine

Changing the oil in your Jeep is by far the easiest maintenance job you can do and there really is no good excuse for not doing it yourself. It can be done in about 10-15 minutes (including clean-up), it will save you some cash and it will give you a chance to look around the engine for anything that might need attention. Simply follow the instructions below and make it a habbit every 3,000 - 5,000 miles. You won't regret it :)

If you have an engine skid plate like I do, please click on the links below for instructions on how to make this job easier:

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What You Will Need

• 6 - Quarts of 10W-30 Motor Oil
• Oil Filter for Jeep 4.0L Engine
• Oil Filter Wrench
• Oil Catch Pan
• Ratchet
• 5/8" Socket
• Newspaper
• Rags
• Funnel
• 2 - 1 Gallon Empty Milk Jugs


Make sure you are parked on a level surface and that your engine is warm before proceeding with the directions below:

Here's a shot of pretty much all you will need to change your oil Remove the oil cap which is located on top of your engine's valve cover. You may need to wait for you engine to cool a bit before the clutch in the cap will allow you to unscrew it Lay some newspaper down and place an oil catch pan underneath your engine. Make sure you have some under your oil filter too as it will drip there
Using a 5/8" wrench, loosen and then remove your oil pan drain bolt with your fingers. Be care full not to drop the bolt into the catch pan While your oil is draining, remove your oil filter which is located on the passenger side of your engine using an oil filter wrench Apply a small amount of used oil onto the gasket and threads of your new oil filter
Attach your new oil filter to your engine and tighten down using your hands only
Re-attach your oil pan drain bolt and then proceed to fill your engine with 6 quarts of oil. Re-attach your oil cap and you're done
Now that you're done, pour your used oil into 1-Gallon milk jugs and drop it off at your local oil recycling center. Most autoparts stores are oil recycling centers.

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