Off Road Only
U-Turn Steering System
What You will Need
ORO U-Turn Steering System
Aftermarket Steering Stabilizer
• 15mm, 18mm Socket/Wrench
• 3/4" Socket
• 5/16" Wrench
• 13mm - 12 Point Socket
• Ratchet
• Torque Wrench - 90 ft. lb. Capacity
• 3/4" Crescent Wrench
• Pliers
• 2 lb. Hammer
• Floor Jack
• 2 - Jack Stands
• Tape Measure or Ruler
• Pitman Arm Puller or Pickle Fork
• Lock Tite
• Silicon Spray or Other Lubricant
• Grease Gun
• PB Blaster

What Comes with the
Off Road Only
U-Turn Steering System

3 - Right Tie Rod Ends
1 - Left Tie Rod End
1 - Right Hand Steering Hub (3 Holes)
1 - Left Hand Steering Hub (2 Holes)
1 - U-Turn Drag Link
1 - U-Turn Tie Rod
1 - Adjuster Sleeve
3 - Right Hand Jam Nuts
2 - Left Hand Jam Nuts
2 - Aluminum Bushings
2 - 1/2-20x2.5 Grade 8 Bolts
2 - 1/2-20 Top Lock Nuts
4 - Hardened Flat Washers
2 - 1/8x1 Cotter Pins

U-Turn Steering System
As Stated by Off Road Only

• A crossover steering design that eliminates steering toe change from suspension height change.

• Drag link is 1.25" diameter 4130 chromoly, welded, formed and heat treated for ultimate durability.

• Tie rod is 1.375" diameter 4130 chromoly, welded and heat treated for ultimate durability.

• Tie rod and drag link painted with Rustoleum Hammerite for easy touch up.

• Custom 1 1/4 hex thread insert bungs that are radially MIG welded, for easy and proper jam nut tightening at each jam nut.

• A drag link connection at the passenger hub that allows full turning radius lock to lock to match the steering box.

• A drag link design allows clearance for track bar bracket/sway bar bracket. No bracket trimming is required after you lift your Jeep.

• Custom hubs that bolt to your original steering knuckles, machined and TIG welded for strength, tapered for tie rod end attachment.

• Improved steering feel, removing the "Dead Spot" commonly associated with a lifted TJ steering.

• Minimallized "bump steer".

• U-Turn™ is fully compatible with a stock trackbar, Rubicon Express Extreme Duty track bar, Full Traction Drop Bracket and most others that relocate front track bar at the frame end.

• U-Turn™ requires a stock pitman arm.

• Steering stabilizer bracket included, it DOES require an aftermarket or OEM replacement steering stabilizer, contact ORO for details.

• Designed for TJs with up to 6" of lift. Stock height TJs may have a slight interference during maximum compression, not an issue during articulation.

• 100% bolt on application for TJ Dana 30/44 front axles without ABS sensors installed.
Off Road Only (ORO) Jeep TJ
U-Turn Steering System Installation

When you're ready to upgrade your Jeep TJ's steering system to something a lot more heavy duty, look no further than to Off Road Only. The new Off Road Only or (ORO for short) U-Turn Steering System comes with a 1.25" diameter drag link and a 1.375" diameter tie rod, both of which are made of 4130 chromoly. The U-Turn steering system also comes with custom hubs that bolts directly onto your original steering knuckles. Also, the new passenger side hub has a drag link connection that provides a full turning radius that matches your steering box lock to lock. Other benefits include an improved steering feel (no more "Dead Spot"), minimallized "bump steer" and a crossover steering design that eliminates changes to the toe-in alignment caused by suspension changes on your Jeep.

Here is a pic of all the parts you will get with your new Off Road Only U-Turn Steering System. As with any mod, please check to make sure you have all your parts before starting your installation.

1. Park your Jeep on a level surface, put it in gear and engage the emergency brake.

2. If you look through all the tie rod end bags, that come with you ORO U-Turn Steering kit, you should find a total of 3 right hand jam nuts and a total of 2 left hand jam nuts which are marked with ticks as shown in the pic to the left.

3. Grab the new ORO U-Turn drag link adjuster sleeve and thread on one of the left hand jam nuts so that about 1" of thread is showing from the bottom edge of the jam nut to the bottom of the adjuster sleeve (see pic to the left). The threads on the adjuster sleeve have been rolled and it may take some effort to get the jam nut to go on freely. A little silicon spray and/or a tap on the side of the nut will help out.

4. Using a 5/16" wrench, attach the zerk nipple that come with your ORO U-Turn Steering System onto all of the new right hand tie rod ends. You can grease these joints now but I chose to wait until after everything was installed so that I would have to work with greasy parts.

5. Take a right hand jam nut and thread it onto one of the right hand tie rod ends so that approximately 1" of thread is showing from the bottom edge of the nut to the bottom of tie rod end (see pic to the left).

6. Okay, now it's time to install the right hand tie rod end that you've been working on, onto the drag link adjuster sleeve. Thread it all the way on until the jam nut makes contact with the adjuster sleeve (see pic to the left).

7. Now, install the new adjuster sleeve/tie rod end assembly all the way onto the "non-bent" end of your new ORO U-Turn Steering System drag link. This end of the drag link might be marked with the letter "L" (for left) on the face of the insert, but mine just had a groove cut into it.

8. Grab another right hand tie rod end and install a jam nut onto it. Unlike before, position this jam nut all the on to the tie rod end until only 3/8" thread is remaining between the top of the jam nut and the stopping point of the threads (see pic to the left).

9. Install this tie rod end all the way onto the "bent end" of the drag link. Your new ORO U-Turn Steering System drag link is now completely assembled and should already be very close to being adjusted to the proper setting.

10. Take the remaining right and the only left tie rod ends and loosely thread on the remaining two jam nuts onto them.

11. Then, install the right and left hand tie rod ends into your new ORO U-Turn Steering System tie rod. As with the drag link, your tie rod will be marked on one end with a groove cut into it indicating where the left hand tie rod end should be installed (see pic to the left).

12. Now, adjust the tie rod ends on the new ORO U-Turn Steering System so that the remaining threads are equal on both side and that they measure 48" center to center.

13. Go back to your Jeep, chock your rear tires, jack up the front axle, set it back down onto jack stands and then remove your front wheels.

Time to remove your steering stabilizer. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, remove the cotter pin and then the castellated nut securing the stabilizer to the drag link using a 3/4" socket. At the time of this install, I already had an aftermarket steering stabilizer. For more information on how to remove a factory steering stabilizer, click on the link below to see my write-up:
Rancho Steering Stabilizer Write-Up

Onto the pitman arm, use a pair of needle nose pliers and remove the cotter pin and then castellated nut using a 3/4" socket. Then, use a pitman arm puller or pickle fork to separate the drag link from the pitman arm.

Now, go to your factory tie rod ends and again, remove the cotter pins. Then, loosen but do not completely remove the castellated nuts using a pair of pliers and a 3/4" socket.

Here's where I did things a little differently. Instead of using a tie-rod end puller, I gave the tie rod shank a good smack with a 2 lb. hammer as shown in the pic to the left. This impact will cause the tie rod ends to simply pop out. Remove your old factory tie rod and drag link completely from your Jeep.

18. Remove the forward and top wheel bearing retaining bolts from your spindle using a 13mm - 12 point socket on both the passenger and driver side of your Jeep. If you live within the rust belt of America, a little PB Blaster will help to free these bolts. Just be careful not to get any of the PB Blaster on the brake disc or pads.

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