Here's a pic of where you can find your steer stops.
Remove the steer stop bolt using a 9/16" socket.
Here you can see the steer stop bolt next to a 3/8" washer. Notice the nut on the bolt is welded on from the factory..
Start with just one washer to see if your rubbing goes away. If it doesn't, add more until it does stop.
Jeep Steer Stop Adjustment

If you're still riding on stock wheels and just got a set of new 31x10.50 tires or bigger, then you're probably experiencing some pretty good (or bad) rubbing on your lower control arms at a full turn now... am I right? Well you must be if you are reading this. The reason for the rub is that stock wheels have 5.5" of backspacing and you just put on a set of tires that in most cases are one whole inch wider (technically .5" on either side but you get the point) than before. So, how do you fix this annoying rubbing? 1. Modify the way you drive. 2. Buy new wheels with less backspacing (4.5" or less)
or 3. Adjust your steer stops. I think you'll agree with me that this is by far the cheapest and easiest solution.

What You Will Need

• 3/8" Washers (Qty. 2-6)
• 9/16" Socket
• Ratchet


1. Buy some washer with a 3/8" hole in it. Most likely, you will only need one for each side of your axle but I would recommend buying a couple more just in case.

2. Starting on the passenger side of your Jeep, remove your steer stop bolt using a 9/16" socket as shown in the pic to the left.
(Note: The nut on the bolt is welded on.)

3. Once the bolt is off, slip a washer on and then re-install it.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 on the driver side of the Jeep.

5. Take your Jeep out for a test ride and check to see if your rubbing has gone away. If it hasn't, add another washer onto your steer stop bolts. Two should do the trick but I have heard of some guys needing as much as three.

That should be it! Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy your new tires!!

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