Jeep TJ Fan Clutch Replacement

What You Will Need
TorqFlo Fan Clutch #922771
• 7/16", 1/2" Socket & Wrench
• Fan Wrench
• 3" Socket Extension
• Ratchet
• Torque Wrench
• Hammer

Where to Buy

You can purchase a new fan clutch at just about any auto parts store in town. This is a common part and it will most likely be in stock as well. You should expect to pay about $70.

This is what a Fan Wrench looks like. You can pick one up from most any auto parts store for about $5.

Jeep TJ Wrangler Fan Drive Viscous Clutch Replacement - 2000-06 w/4.0L Engine

The fan drive viscous clutch (or fan clutch for short) is a silicon fluid filled coupling with a bimetallic coil that is attached to your Jeep's fan. When working properly, the fan clutch will react to the heat discharging from you radiator by spinning faster or slower depending on the cooling needs of your engine. Need I say, it is critical that your Jeep's fan clutch is in proper working order to prevent over heating.

To test whether or not your fan clutch needs to be replaced, simply spin your Jeep's fan by hand while the engine is cold and if it spins freely 5 rotations or more, it will need to be replaced. Fortunately, this is a very easy task to do but like any job, the right tools can make all the difference.

This is a pic of everything you should get with your new fan clutch. Your new fan clutch is packaged face down and so the fluid within it will have settled so after installation, you may notice that your Jeep's fan speed may be slow which is totally normal. Once the fluid with it fan clutch has been distributed, it should spin properly.
1. Disconnect your Jeep's radiator overflow bottle hose from the radiator. 2. Remove your Jeep's radiator overflow bottle from the fan shroud and set it aside vertically so that no coolant spills out. 3. Using a 7/16" socket, remove the 4 bolts securing your Jeep's radiator fan shroud to the front clip. You may find it easier to access the lower bolts from underneath your Jeep. Once all the bolts have been removed, simply let your fan shroud sit on top of the radiator fan blades.
4. On a 2000-Up Jeep, the radiator fan is attached to the water pump pulley by a large nut and a fan wrench will be needed to loosen it. 5. The threads on your Jeep's radiator fan are RIGHT HAND. To loosen the nut securing it to the water pump pulley, give your fan wrench a tap with a hammer on the left hand side (as view from the front of your Jeep) 6. Continue removing your Jeep's radiator fan by rotating the nut COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (as viewed from the front of your Jeep) and then carefully pull it and the fan shroud out from your engine compartment. NOTE: Make sure to avoid any contact with your Jeep's radiator as the fins on it can be easily damaged.
7. At a work bench, place your Jeep's radiator fan face down and proceed to remove the 4 bolts securing the clutch from it using a 1/2" socket. 8. Thoroughly examine your Jeep's fan blades for any damage, bends, stress cracks or loose rivets. If you find anything wrong, DO NOT attempt to fix it - replace it. If everything looks good, install it onto your new fan clutch using the new bolts provided. 9. Use a 1/2" socket to secure your Jeep's fan to the new clutch and tighten the bolts to 15-18 ft. lbs. of torque.
10. Place your Jeep's radiator fan shroud over your fan and carefully lower both into your engine compartment being careful not to make contact with the radiator. Then, re-attach your Jeep's fan to the water pump pulley. Remember, the threads are RIGHT HAND so you will need to rotate the mounting nut CLOCKWISE.
11. To secure your Jeep's radiator fan in place, place a fan wrench on the mounting nut and give it a light tap on the right hand side (as viewed from the front of your Jeep) of it with a hammer. 12. Re-attach your Jeep's radiator fan shroud to the front clip using a 7/16" socket and the factory bolts. 13. Re-install your Jeep's radiator overflow bottle onto the fan shroud. Make sure it snaps in place.
14. Reconnect your Jeep's radiator overflow bottle hose to the radiator and you should be done.

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