Here's a pic of all the parts you should get with your new skid plate
Here's a shot of the steering box attached to the frame and exposed to the rocks
Using a 16mm socket, remove the lower bolt attaching the steering box to the frame
Using a Torx T-55 bit, remove the driver side lower bumper bolt
Temporarily bolt up your new Warn steering box skid plate and use it as a template to mark the location of where you will need to drill
Drill a 3/8" hole using a metal drilling bit
The nut that secures the skid plate bolt is welded to a metal rod which will help you to fish it into your front cross member
Here's what it looks like when all is said and done
Warn Jeep Steering Box Skid Plate

Now this is a piece of armor plating that is often over-looked by many Jeeper. Truth is, when you're climbing the rocks, your steering box is way up on the front lines, pointing down and just looking to take a beating. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a busted steering box miles away from the nearest garage is gonna give you a bad day. The Warn steering box skid plate is only $45 making it one of the cheapest pieces of protections you can by for your Jeep. This is also on of the easiest mods you'll ever install too. So do yourself a favor and armor up today!

What You Will Need

• 16mm and 14mm Socket
• Torx T-55 Torx Bit
• 3/8", 1/8" Metal Drilling Bit
• Ratchet
• Center Punch
• Torque Wrench
• Hand Drill


1. Using a 16mm socket, unbolt the lower bolt attaching the steering box to frame rail. The factory will have applied a little Blue Lock-tite to the threads so it may take a little effort to crack loose.

2. Now, remove the lower bumper bolt on the driver side of your Jeep using a Torx T-55 bit.

3. Take your new Warn Steering Box Skid Plate and temporarily mount it to your frame using the factory bolts. Using the skid plate as a template, take a center punch and mark the location of where you will need to drill on your front tube cross member as shown in the pic to the left.

4. Remove your skid plate.

5. I have found when drilling a large hole into steel (especially when the surface is not flat) it is a good idea to start off by drilling a smaller pilot hole. I did this using a 1/8" Cobalt drill bit. You will find that drilling the 3/8" hole afterwards is a snap and the bit will stay in place a lot better.

6. Remount your new Warn Steering Box Skid Plate onto your frame loosely so that you can slip in the 3/8" bolt and lock washer into the hole you just drilled in your front tube cross member.

7. To help you reach this bolt inside the tube cross member, Warn has supplied a 3/8" nut attached to a long metal rod which you can use to help fish the nut into place. While holding the nut assembly, torque the bolt up to 20 ft. lbs.

8. Now, torque the bolt that attaches the steering box to your frame rail up to 70 ft. lbs. and then the Torx bumper bolt up to 77 ft. lbs.

That should be it! Please let me know if you have any questions.
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