Here's a pic of my ol' factory side steps
Here's a view of how well the Sun Rockers protect your Jeep
This is a cross section diagram of what the Sun Rockers look like.
Here's a shot from inside so you can see how the guards are bolted up to the tub.
2003-06 TJ's require extra drilling to access last bolt hole. Photo courtesy of Tony Eiermann
Sun Performance Rocker Guards

Time to come clean.... when I bought my TJ, I actually wanted factory side-steps. In my opinion, they looked nice and I thought they would be good to have for my wife and son.... then reality set in. The only thing steps are good for is collecting mud and acting like a magnet for big nasty rocks on the trail!! Needless to say, the steps didn't stay on very long and I replaced them with some real beefy rocker guards made by Sun Performance. I bought mine directly from Sun and paid $265 for them. What I like most about these is the fact that they bolt up to your tub as opposed to hanging off the frame and I really like the tube like bulge incorporated into the design.

What You Will Need

• Sun Performance Rocker Guards
• 1/2",7/16" Socket and Wrench
• 5/32" Allen Wrench
• Ratchet
• Metal Drilling Bits
• Floor Jack or Hi-Lift Jack


1. Begin by removing the front fender flare extensions, rivets and any trim that would be in the way. In my case, I had to remove the factory side-steps.

2. Using a rubber mallet, pound up the little tabs that line the edge of your tub. I have no clue what they were for or why they are there, but if you don't do this, they will be in the way and prevent a tight install.

3. Using a Hi-Lift jack to hold the rocker guards in place, carefully mark and center punch the points you will need to drill. Double check your work!

4. Take everything everything back down and drill your holes.

5. Insert the two provided well-inserts, reposition everything again with the Hi-Lift and bolt everything together.

6. Before I installed my guards, I had read about the floor bolts being a bit long on Stu Olsen's write-up and bought slightly (1/2" to be exact) shorter ones before I did anything. If you don't do this, it won't be a real problem but they will stand tall enough that you will notice them through the carpeting.

NOTE: On 2003-06 TJ's, I have been told that there is a blister on the inner wall of the rocker guards that make bolting up the hole closest to the rear fender difficult. Extra drilling is required to access the bolt. See pic to the left

Anyway, that's it. A real piece of cake mod!

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