Attributes: Wiper Arm Tensioner
Material: Spring Steel
Outer Finish: Black Vinyl Coated
Application: Eliminates Wiper Chatter,Helps To Keep Wipers On Windshield In Windy Conditions
Snuggies - Jeep Windshield Wiper Arm Tensioner

When you use your windshield wipers, do they stutter, chatter, clean all the water off except for what's in the middle or maybe melt the rubber right off the blades? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions listed, you just qualified yourself as an owner of a Jeep. Between the flat windshield and week wiper arm springs, there really is little hope for the poor things to do much else.

While Rain-X can help to fix this problem a bit by lubricating the glass, what you really need is a way to apply more pressure to the wiper blade. That's where a pair of Snuggies come in to play. Snuggies are basically windshield wiper helper springs or arm tensioners that will do a great job of keeping your wiper firmly against your windshield glass even on the highway. The best part is, they can be picked up at your local Napa Autoparts for only $3.99. While this is not a guaranteed fix, it has helped me out a lot.

What You Need
Windshield Wiper Snuggie
Balkamp Wiper Arm Tensioner
H/D Truck-Spring Steel Black Vinyl Coated
Part# 7353922
Available at Napa Autoparts

Here's a shot of what you need to get
Slip the Snuggie on to the base end of the wiper arm
Bend back the Snuggie and hook it onto the wiper close to the center
Head on shot
Driverside profile
Inside View

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