fig. 1 - New cable
fig. 2 - Underneat your seat
fig. 3- Plastic upholstery retaining tabs
fig. 4 - Cable retainer snapped into frame and release mechanism (shown broken without U-Nut attached)

fig. 5- New cable installed with U-Nut attached 
Jeep Wrangler Seat Track Release Cable Repair

Like many of you, my TJ is more than just a vehicle to transport me through the wilderness, it’s a daily driver too and if you have a kid (or kids), the passenger seat will get to see a lot of use. Sliding and tumbling your seats forward using the nifty little strap on the side makes it convenient for rear passengers to get in and out of your Jeep but will ultimately causes a cable operating this mechanism to fail. When mine finally broke, I would have taken it in to the dealer to have it fixed but like many of you, I was just about 1,000 miles over warranty, go figure? Anyway, this write-up explains what I did to fix it.

What You Will Need
• Part #04886308AA
• Basic Socket Wrench Set
• Torxs Bit Set (every Jeep owner should have one)
• Wire Cutter
• Zip Ties

Some Additional Background

When I went to the dealer to purchase a new cable, they didn’t know what I was talking about. In fact, this part doesn’t even show up on their computer diagrams and so the parts guys didn’t have a clue as to what to look for. This cable doesn’t even show up in the FSM but a brief mention is made and calls it a “Seat Track Release Cable” attached to a “U-Nut”. Needless to say, the dealer wound up selling me three different WRONG cables before finally getting it right (in reality, there wasn’t anything left). So be sure to take the part number I’ve listed with you to the dealer. It should cost about $25.

1. Remove the (3) three ½” bolts and (1) T-50 Torx bolt holding down your seat and remove it from your Jeep.

2. Remove your seatbelt clip from the seat. If I remember correctly, this is a Torx50 as well.

3. With your seat out, turn it upside down and you should see the lever where your cable used to be attached to as shown in fig. 2. Locate the broken bike type cable that loops around and follows the side of your seat to its termination point at the back.

4. Un-zip, detach the plastic retaining tabs (fig. 3) and peel back your seat upholstery enough for you to reach the opposite end of the cable and detach the U-Nut. This is done by un-snapping the plastic cable retainer from the frame and then slipping the U-Nut out. Be sure to pay special attention of what everything looks like as it will be kind of a PITA to get thing back in later.

5. There should be one or two zip ties securing the cable to the frame. Cut these using scissors or wire cutters, un-snap the other plastic cable retainer and then remove the whole thing from your seat.

6. Now, take your new cable and slip the U-Nut into the mounting hole at the back of the seat and then snap the plastic retainer into the frame.

7. Route your cable along the seat frame as before and zip tie them as you originally found it.

8. Snap in the other plastic retainer in front of the release mechanism and then slip the U-Nut into the mounting hole. (fig. 5)

9. Re-assemble your upholstery, bolt your seatbelt clip back into the seat and then install everything back into your Jeep. That’s it!

If you have any questions, e-mail me and I'd be more than happy to help out in any way that I can.

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