Rain Gear cab covers fold up and stuff nicely into a handy size bag that comes with your purchase.
Unroll your new Raingear cab cover over the top of your Jeep
Hook the cab cover tie-down strap to holes in the frame rail and then cinch down the straps to create a tight fit
Secure the loose cab cover mirror flaps by affixing the velcro ends
This is a rear view of my CJ all wrapped up
What your Jeep looks like tucked in for the night
Shot from the rear
Raingear Jeep Cab Covers

Let's face it, there's really nothing more fun about a Jeep then to be able to drive it everywhere with the top and doors off. Unfortunatly, the downside to this is that you also leave your Jeep open to all the crap that comes in at night too (no pun intended)!! If leaves, branches, dew and bird crap weren't enough, you also have to deal with stupid things like cats! Or worse, cats using your floorboards as a toilet!!! I suppose you could always just put your top back on every night (yeah right, how fun is that?!) or, you can get yourself a Raingear Cab Cover from jeepcovers.com.

Much like a high quality car cover, the Raingear only covers the cab section of your Jeep and it can be used with or without your doors off (unlike most cab cover manufacturers) and it is extremely quick to put on and take off on a daily basis.

When I got mine, the cover cost me about $100 but I can tell you that the quaility and fit of it is bar none and worth every penny. Also, when I placed my order for one, I did so on a Monday and this thing showed up to my doorstep by Wednesday!! Now that's what I call service.

How to Use
1. Remove your new Raingear Jeep cab cover from its handy storage bag and keep it rolled up.

2. Unroll the cab cover length wise from the back of your Jeep, over the top of the roll bar and then over the windshield (see pic on left). Make sure that the "Raingear" logo ends up on the windshield.

3. Unfold the cab cover and fit it around the cab of your Jeep until it's snuggly in place. Make sure all the tie-down straps are hanging to the ground and not caught up somewhere inside tha cab.

4. Secure the loose cab cover mirror flaps by affixing the velcro edges together.

5. Attach the cab cover tie-down hooks to holes on the frame rails as shown in the pic to the left. Once hooked on, cinch them down corner to corner and then cinch in the sides.

That's it, your done! This cover is really that simple and quick to put on/take off. As you will notice, this cover can be used even if you have rack like the Kargo Master Congo Cage. The fit is a bit off in the corners but still very effective.

NOTE: If you don't have a bikin or safari top, there is a strap on the front/center of the cover which is intended to be secured to the footman loop on your hood. Attach and then cinch this strap down to remove any excess slack on the cover.

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