Nth Degree Mobility
What You will Need
Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifters
• 13,15,18,19mm Socket/Wrenches
• Standard Ratchet
• 12" Ratchet Extension
• Torque Wrench - 100 ft.lb. Capacity
• Torx T-55 Bit
• Hand Drill
• 3/8" Metal Drill Bit
• 2 - Jack Stands
• Floor Jack
• Wheel Chocks
• Plasma Cutter, Torch or Sawzall
• Mig or Tig Welder
• Welding Equipment
• Grinder (optional)
• Sander
• Angle Finder
• White Lithium Grease
• Bench Vice
• Primer & Paint

What Comes with the
Nth Degree Mobility
Shock Shifters

• 1-LH & 1-RH Upper Frame Brackets
• 1-LH & 1-RH Lower Axle Brackets
• 2-HCS 3/8-16x1
• 2-Nuts 3/8-16
• 2-F/W 7/16
• 2-Top LK 1/2-13
• 2-F/W 5/8

Where I Bought My Parts
& Where I Went for Welding

Because I do not own any welding equipment (and even if I did, I'd be the first to admit that I am not a great welder), I decided to take my Jeep into a local shop and have them remove the factory shock mounts off my rear axle and to have them weld on the new Nth Degree Shock Shifter ones. I had this done at:

South Coast Muffler, Hitch & Welding
33011 Calle Aviador #A
San Juan Capistrano,CA
(949) 493-5977

Jim Tebbetts, the owner is an amazing welder, a great guy to work with and very affordable. If you are in the South O.C. Area, I would highly recommend his shop for your welding needs.

Post Installation Notes
Even if I had not busted my shock mount off my axle, I most likely would have installed the Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifter on my Jeep TJ anyway some day. I can't say for sure whether or not the so called "sea leg stance" has made a difference in my ride or if it's just my new shocks or a combination of both but I can say for sure that my ride is better than ever before and my Jeep seems to handle better too. Certianly all the new clearance you gain from shifting over the axle mount as well as the clearance your shock will get from the lower spring perch is well worth the moderate price tag.

As I mentioned before, I had my welding done by a professional and I would highly recommend you doing the same if you have any doubts about your welding skills. For the record, it only cost me $40 to have all the work done.

Also, I purchased new Walker Evans Racing Shocks to go with my new Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifter. However, they are not needed with this kit.

Other Nth Degree Mobility Products Installed
On My Jeep TJ

Nth Degree Mobility Quicksilver
Sway Bar Disconnects

Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifters

So, why would anyone want to hack off their Jeep TJ's factory axle shock mounts, have a new set welded on, install new upper cross member mounts and pay about $100 to do it plus whatever it cost for welding if you don't have the means to do it yourself? Well, in my case I tore off my passenger side shock mount right off my Jeep's axle and saw this as an opportunity to fix my break and upgrade to something better all at the same time. Why are they better than the factory mounts and why would you want them on your Jeep? Well for one, the Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifters relocate your axle mounts and shifts them outboard by 5" providing more clearance under the rear axle. Also, the new mounting location effectively solves the problem of your shock cans making contact with the lower spring perch caused by a lift and/or by a raised-pinion (rotated rear axle). Last but not least, the new mounting location improves your shock clearance next to the exhaust and prolongs the life of your shock bushings.

Here is a pic of my passenger side rear lower shock mount right after it tore off my Dana 44 axle. Why did the mount fail? I'm not 100% sure but my best guess would be that my shocks were bottoming out when I had my old and saggy Rusty Coils. This probably caused the metal to fatigue and then break.
Here is a pic of all the part you will get with your new Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifter kit. These parts are for a Dana 44 and Dana 35. Do yourself a favor and double check to make sure you have all the parts before you start working on your Jeep.
1. To begin the installation of your new Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifters, remove the rear shocks from your Jeep TJ using a 13mm socket and 12" extension for the top frame mounts and a 15mm socket and 18mm wrench for lower the axle mounts. Make sure to put aside the lover axle mount bolt and nut as they will reused later on.

2. Chock your front wheels and then using a floor jack, lift up the rear of your Jeep from the differential. Place jack stands just in front of the lower control arm mounts on the frame rails and then remove your wheels. Place the wheels in front of the jack stands and underneath the frame rails for added protection.

3. With the axle still supported by your floor jack, remove the bolt and nut securing your rear track bar to the frame mount using a 15mm and 18mm socket and wrench. You may have to raise or lower your axle to make removing this bolt easier. To get more room to work with, you may want to completely remove your rear track bar which is secured to your axle by a Torx T-55 Bit.

4. Now, lower your rear axle so that it droops as far as it can go but making sure to leave your floor jack under your differential to support it.

5. Using the factory bolts, install the new Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifter upper brackets to your Jeep TJ's frame cross member where your factory bar pins used to be mounted. The left and right hand side can only go on one way so you can't mess up here. Secure the bolts but do not torque them at this time.

6. Using the Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifter upper brackets as a template, proceed to drill a 3/8" hole through your Jeep TJ's frame cross member as shown in the pic to the left. Go slowly and be careful not to punch right through your tub.

7. Remove the Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifter upper brackets. Then, slip on the U-Nuts that came with the kit onto the frame cross member so that they are positioned over and lined up with the holes you just drilled. Make sure that the threaded portion of the U-Nuts are pointing up.

8. Reinstall the new Nth Degree Mobility Shock Shifter upper brackets using the factory bolts and 3/8"x1" grade 8 bolts supplied with the kit. Tighten all the bolts to 35 ft. lbs. of torque.

9. Re-install your factory trackbar tightening the bolts to 85 ft. lbs. of torque. You may need to raise and lower your axle a bit with a floor jack to line up the holes better.

10. The Nth Degree Mobility axle brackets are made as a left and a right hand bracket and can be distinguished by the notch at the top. As you can see in the pic to the left, the flat side of the notch needs to go towards the wheel.

When you're ready to weld your Nth Degree Mobility axle brackets on, position them so that the notch is straddling the tail of the outside lower control arm bracket. Depending on how much your axle is rotated due to a lift, the lower control arm tail may or may not protrude through the notch.

Last but not least, it is very important to make sure the shock mounting stud is positioned to the correct angle. To do this, you can temporarily install your shocks on the new Nth Degree Mobility upper frame bracket and then use them to hold the lower axle brackets long enough for you to tack weld them in place. The shop I took my Jeep to had an angle finder and they just used it to set the horizontal axis of the shock mounting stud to approximately 14° below horizontal as indicated by Nth Degree Mobility.

11. If you haven't already done so, now would be a good time to hack off your factory axle shock brackets. The shop I took my Jeep to used a plasma cutter and was able to knock off the brackets in what seemed like seconds. If you're anal about things, spend some time grinding the axle tube smooth although make sure not to cut or grind into the axle tube itself as it will weekend it. I decided to leave well enough alone. Make sure to prime and paint your new Nth Degree Mobility axle brackets as well as any exposed steel left over from hacking off the factory brackets.

12. Time to install your shocks. If you are going to be reusing your old shocks, you will need to remove the bar pin from the upper bushing as it is not needed anymore. You will also need to remove the metal sleeve inside the lower shock bushing at this time. Try not to damage this sleeve as you will need to reuse it on the top bushing.

13. Take the metal sleeve you just removed from the lower shock bushing and press it into the top bushing. Apply some white lithium grease to the bushing and attach your shock to the Nth Degree Mobility upper frame bracket using the bolt and nut that was previously used on the factory lower axle mount. The fit will be tight but it will eventually go on with some effort. Tighten these bolts and nuts to 50 ft. lbs. of torque.

14. Apply some white lithium grease to your lower shock bushing and slide it on to your new Nth Degree Mobility lower axle mounting stud. Make sure to sandwich the lower shock bushing between the washers provided with the kit and then secure it in place using the nylock nut that also came with the kit. Tighten this nut to 40 ft. lbs. of torque.

That should be it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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