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JP Cooler Ice Vault
The Ice Vault by JP Cooler is the ultimate solution for bringing along cold drinks and/or food that needs to be kept cool in your Jeep. The cooler has been specifically designed to fit into the narrow trunk space of a Jeep TJ, YJ or CJ and still be large enough to carry 56 qts. of stuff.
Reliance Jumbo-Tainer
7-Gallon Water Container w/Spigot

My family and I do most of our exploring and camping in the California Mojave Desert and so an ample supply of water is a must for every trip. Only problem is that most large water containers are either too big and bulky to fit into the trunk, too delicate to go up on the roof rack or just too small and carrying multiple small containers eats up more precious space than the large bulky ones. So what's the solution? Get a 7 gallon Jumbo-Tainer by Reliance.
Coleman Xtreme 5 Day Cooler
In my years of camping, I have found that there are coolers that do a pretty good job off keeping melted ice water "cool" for about a day and then there's the Coleman Xtreme 5 Day Cooler. As stated by Coleman, their "Xtreme coolers have extra insulation in the lid and case to provide superior cold retention, holding ice up to FIVE days at temperatures up to 90 degrees."
Mag-Light Mount
This is a great write-up showing you how to mount a Mag-Light in your Jeep without drilling your tub. Because this mount setup uses magnets, it can be mounted anywhere!
Write-Up by: Thumps

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