Jeep XJ Mods & Installation Write-Ups

When I purchased this Jeep Cherokee XJ back in June, 2006, it was with the knowledge that it was in need of some real TLC. Although it was overall in very good mechanical working condition, it had still fallen victim to time, neglect and abuse of its previous owners. Needless to say, while most of the write-ups I typically do are in regards to the installation of new components, many of the write-ups you'll find here will also concern general maintenance and repair as well.

AX-15 Transmisson & NP231 Transfer Case Service
Changing your Jeep's transmission and transfer case fluid should be done as part of your routine 30,000 mile tune-up service and/or after doing a deep water crossing. This write-up covers what you will need and how to perform this very easy maintenance service on an AX-15 transmission and an NP231 Transfer Case.
Front Seat Tilt Lever Fix
When I purchased my 1994 Jeep XJ Cherokee, the front passenger seat tilting lever wasn't working at all and being that this vehicle was a 2-door, getting my son in and out of the rear seat wasn't going to be an easy task unless I got it fixed.
Jeep XJ Cherokee Headliner Replacement Headliner Replacement
I don't know what it is about older Cherokees but I swear, I have yet to see one that doesn't have a headliner that isn't ragged and drooping from the windshield to the tailgate. Need I say, my Cherokee was no exception to the laws of gravity and giving it a little nip-n-tuck was definitely on my interior cleaning/restoration to do list. Maybe it wasn't exactly necessary but I figured, how hard could it be?
Differential Fluid Change Service Differential Fluid Change Service
For Dana 30, Dana 35, Dana 44

Changing the fluid in your Jeep's differentials is important part of routine maintenance. New gear oil will insure your differentials will be properly lubricated but taking the time to pop open the cover will also gives you a chance to inspect the gears within it for any damage or unsual wear. As I like to say, better to catch a potential problem in the garage than having to figure out how to fix it on the trail.
Instrument Cluster Replacement
Comming Soon

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