Front View - Loaded up and in use.
View from the rear. This is about 150 lbs. of stuff on top.
Windshield mount - Simply remove these two bolts to tilt back the entire rack for easy top removal.
Rear hinged mounts attach using existing holes behind the tail-lights and 1-drilled hole for an extra supporting bolt.
Here's another view of the rear hinge. The arrow points to the bolt you have to drill a hole for. This bolt is fastend to the tub by a nut on the inside of your Jeep. These bolts MUST BE INSTALLED. 
The rack cross-members can be install in a high position for soft-tops and a low position for hard-tops or no top.
Here you can see the brackt that holds your rack to your cage.
Here's a shot of the rack from above.
Tilting back your rack so that you can remove your hardtop only requires a 3/4" socket and about 2min of your time. Just remove the two bolts on the front brackets as shown above and tilt away.
To prevent damage to the poweder coating, I rest the cage on a step stool when tilted back.
Here is a closer shot of what the cage looks like tilted back.
Complete removal of the cage only takes about 5min to do by yourself and will require the use of a 1/2" socket and wrench to unbolt the rear hinges. 
Kargo Master Congo Cage
& Bushman Steel Jeep Roof Rack

If you enjoy exploring the great out door like my family does, the space available in a Jeep gets quickly filled up. The solution, get a roof-rack! For months I had debated over which rack to get and seriously considered the Top-5 and Garvin setup but ultimately went with Kargo Master. Why you ask? Well, in a nutshell it was the best built rack I had seen in person and I felt it was one of the most reasonably priced rack at $564 delivered to my door from Quadratec (Price purchased in 02/02). This rack is amazingly stout, capable of safely carrying 500 lbs., it is easy to assemble, has a great powder coat finish and can easily be tilted back for top removal. It also has two cross-member mounting positions, one high for soft-tops and a lower setting for hard-tops or no top. In all, I am extremely happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

What You Need
• Ratchet & Basic Socket Set (up to 3/4")
• Basic Wrench Set (up to 3/4")
• Torx Bit Set
• Allen Wrench Set
• Hand Drill
• 5/16" Cobalt or Titanium Drill Bit
• Center Punch
• Flat File
• Touch-up Paint

1. Remove any top you have on your Jeep.

2. Open up the boxes, layout all the parts and separate all the bolts, washers, etc.

3. Working on one side at a time, remove the windshield hinge plate torx bolts and then attach the Front Leg Mount Plates over it using the new allen bolts supplied with the kit. Take note that the Allen bolt used for the front of the plate is a button head with lock washer.

4. Remove the tail lights and then loosely attach the Rear Leg Mounting Plates so that you can mark off where you need to drill the upper support hole.

Using a center punch, lightly tap the marks you made on your tub with a hammer and then drill a hole using a 5/16" Colbat or Titanium drill bit. To help prevent any corrosion, I applied some touch-up paint to the edges of the hole I drilled before proceeding.

6. Attach the Rear Leg Mounting Plates with the bolt, flat washer and nyloc nut supplied. Then attach the tail lights on top of the mount plates and subsequently the tub using the supplied thread cutting screws, lock washers and flat washers. DO NOT RE-USE the factory screws.

7. Now to start on the cage. Assemble the Front 'U' Bar (wider one of the two supplied) to the Front Legs and then loosly attach it to the Front Mounting Plates using the hardware supplied. Your kit should come with some Teflon Lube and this should be applied to the tappered ends of the Front Legs while assembling.

8. Assemble the Rear 'U' Bar to the Rear Legs using the Teflon Lube again and the hardware supplied. It's difficult to tell but there is a right and a left leg so double check to make sure you are assembling things correctly.

9. Place the assembled rear section of the cage on top of the Rear Mounting Plates. The Powder Coating on my cage was pretty thick and this prevented the hinges from sliding together. To fix this, I used a Flat File to remove some of the excess Powder Coating until things came together. Now bolt the rear hinges using the hardware supplied.

10. Attach the Top Cross Tubes to the U-Bar Brackets using the hardware supplied. If you have a hardtop or no top, Install these in the LOW position and in the HIGH position if you have a softop. This can be done by yourself but an extra set of hands really makes this part a little easier to do.

11. Go around and make sure all your bolts are on nice and tight. This cage should not rattle at all when driving around town or on the trail. If it does, you most likely need to crank down the bolts securing the U-Bars to the Legs more.

Basket Installation
1. If you bought yourself a 52"x60" Bushman Steel Rack like I did, this part of the installation will take you the longest to do. To start, open up your boxes and lay everything out. There are a lot of nuts and bolts and separating this out will really speed things along.

2. Take the side Basket Tubes, apply some Teflon Lube to the tappered ends and assemble using the hardware supplied. Set this aside for now.

3. Lay the Cross Members on the ground making sure the slopped ends are both facing the same direction and then insert the Floor Tubes through them.

Align the the holes on the Cross Members with the ones on the Floor Tubes and fasten them with the button head bolts supplied.

5. Insert the Plastic Tube Ends and then lightly tap with a hammer until they are firmly against the edge of the tube.

6. Place the assembled Basket Tubes on top of the Floor Tubes and attach it to the Cross Members using the carriage bolts supplied.

7. Now, attach the Cross Tube Mounting Plates to the Clamp Plates inside the Basket Cross Members. This is kind of a PITA to do so be patient and take your time.

8. Unless you are strong, get some help and place your assembled basket on top of the Congo Cage Cross Tubes and fasten it using the Mounting Clamp Straps.

Tilting Back for Hardtop Removal

I don't have a softtop for my TJ so I don't know if you can lower the top without tilting back the cage. However, I can tell you that tilting back the cage is super easy and can be done in minutes by yourself.

1. Using a 3/4" Socket, remove the two front bolts secuing the cage to the Front Mounting Plates.

2. From the back, grab the cage and tilt back. To protect the powder coating on the cage, I use a step stool with a towel on it to rest it on. Total time to do, 5mins top.

That should be it! This rack was purchased from Quadratec and it took about a week to get. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by

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