1" square tubes after being hacked, drilled, banged and painted.
1" Jeep TJ Grill Supports

Unless you were fortunate enough to get new and longer supports or extensions with your kit, your rubber grill supports will just hang in the air after completing a 1" Body Lift. Although it is probably fine to leave things well enough alone, it just didn't seem right to me. So, I decided to make my own grill supports out of steel tube and attach them to existing bolts on the frame. This mod will take all but an hour to fab and cost me about $5.

What You Will Need
• 1" Steel Square Tube
• Jigsaw with Metal cutting blades or Hacksaw
• Bench Vice
• 7/16" Cobalt Drill-bit or equivillant metal drill bit
• Hammer
• File
• Primer and Paint

1. Start by taking a 1"x1" square steel tube and cut 2 pieces off measuring 3.5". You can use a hacksaw, but I'm lazy and used a regular jigsaw with a metal cutting blade.

2. Cut an 1.5" length wise off the top of each piece and filed them down to make them clean.

3. Mark a center point 1/2" from the edge and drill your holes.

4. Give the top part of your brackets a couple of good taps with a hammer to give it a "little" angle and then check it against your Jeeps frame. Make any corrections required.

5. Spray paint with primer and then some Rustolium.

6. Remove the plastic swaybar cover off your Jeep.

7. Remove the bolts behind the swaybar bracket and install. The rubber mounts are pretty flexible so I just put a little grease on it and squeezed/slid the new grill support under it.

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