Here you can see how the wall bracket supplied with most fire extinguishers can easily be mounted to your rollbar by simply strapping it on with a pair of zip-ties. 
Jeep Fire Extinguisher Rollbar Mount

Yes, there's definetly something cool about Jeeps with fire extinguishers attached to their rollbars but these things aren't just for looks. A $10-$20 investment can save you thousands or prevent the total loss of your Jeep if you ever have an engine fire without one. Here's an easy and cheap way to install one on your Jeep.

What You Will Need
• Small Fire Extinguisher with Wall Mount Bracket
• Zip Ties or Pipe Clamps
• Pliers
• Wire Cutters

• Flat-head Screwdriver

1. It is important not to strap the entire Fire Extinguisher to your rollbar as it may prevent you from removing it in a timely manner. Putting out a fire is all about speed and the more difficult you make it to get to, the longer it will take before you can attack the fire.... not good. So, make sure the extinguisher you get comes with a wall mounting bracket.

2. Using a pair of pipe clamps or zip-ties, attach your mounting bracket to your rollbar and cinch it down with a pair of pliers. If you are using zip-ties, cut the excess with wire cutters.

3. Attach your extinguisher using the bracket straps and you're done.

That's it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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