Alloy USA Axle Oil Seal
Alloy USA
What You will Need
Alloy USA Front Tube Axle Oil Seals
• 12 point 1/2" socket
• Standard Ratchet
• Torque Wrench - 100 ft. lb. Capacity
• Floor Jack
• 2 - Jack Stands
• Wheel Chocks

• Axle Grease
• Grease Gun
• Hammer
• Zip Ties
• Steel Wool or Emery Cloth

Alloy USA Dana 30 Front Axle Tube Oil Seals

I don't know who the brain child was that decided it would be a good idea to leave the front axle of Jeep TJ's completely open to the elements (okay, there is a piece of plastic there but it really does little more than keep stones out), but I'm glad to know that there's a company like Alloy USA to provide solution for it.

Available in red, black and bare aluminum, the Alloy USA axle tube oil seals look great, are affordable and super easy to install. If you like to play in the mud or like deep water crossings, this is an investment you won't want to wait on.

Here is a pic of what you will get with your new Alloy USA Dana 30 front axle oil tube seals. As you can see, they come complete with rubber O-rings and zerk nipples for easy maintenance. I chose to get mine in red but they are also available in black and bare aluminum.
1. To begin the installation of your new Alloy USA axle oil seals, park your Jeep on a level surface, engage your parking break, chock your rear wheels, loosen the lug nuts on your front wheels, jack up your front axle so that your tires are off the ground and then set it back down on jack stands. Proceed to remove your front wheels off your Jeep and set them aside and out of the way.
2. Starting on the passenger side of your Jeep, remove the 2 bolts securing your disc brake calipers using a 1/2" socket. Then, pull off the entire caliper, set it on top of your lower control arm and then zip tie it on so that it doesn't accidentally fall and break something.

3. If you look at the back of the spindle, you should see a total of 3 bolts (1 up front and 2 behind) that have a 12 pointed head. Remove these bolts using a 12 point 1/2" socket. Some PB Blaster and a breaker bar may be required to do this.

4. With the 3 bolts removed, you should be able to pull your axle shaft straight out of the axle housing with ease. Place your axle shaft on a work bench or clean surface so that you can work on it.

5. Using a hammer, remove the plastic axle tube dust cover by tapping around the edges as shown in the pic to the left.

6. Then, using an emery cloth or some steel wool, take some time and clean up the surface of your axle shafts especially around the area that your new Alloy USA axle seals will be rubbing against. Remember, you just want to clean this area of surface rust or other debris and not scratch it up or put in rough edges that can tear up your new Alloy USA axle seals.
7. Grab one of the new Alloy USA axle seals and apply a light coating of axle grease to the two rubber O-Rings and as well as the area immediately around them. Also, apply some axle grease to the inside lip of your axle housing as well.

8. Position your new Alloy USA axle oil seal in the opening of your axle tube with the zerk nipple on to facing slightly towards the front of your Jeep.

9. Then firmly press it straight and all the way in until the outer wider edge sits flush against the axle tube. This may take some effort and if needed, a 2x4 will help to give you the leverage you need to get it all the way in.

Back to your axle, apply a light coating of axle grease all along the length of the shaft.
11. Carefully slide your axle shaft back into the axle housing, fasten it back into place and then torque the 3 bolts down to 75 ft. lbs.

12. Cut the zip ties holding your disc brake caliper to your lower control arm, reinstall it and make sure to torque the caliper bolts to 11 ft. lbs.

13. Using a grease gun, fill your new Alloy USA axle oil seal completely. You should be able to see the rubber edge bulge out or even grease oozing out.

14. Repeat steps 2-12 on the driver side of your Jeep.

15. Re-mount your wheels and lower your Jeep back to the ground. Make sure to torque your lug nuts to 95 ft. lbs.

That should be it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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