What You will Need
GSP Throttle Body Spacer
• 10mm socket
• Ratchet
• 6" Ratchet Extension
• 1/2" Wrench
• Inch Lb. Torque Wrench
• Flathead Screwdriver

• Carburetor Cleaner

From the Manufacturer

The GSP Power Spacer is an extreme, unique, one of a kind throttle body spacer. By raising your throttle body one inch, the GSP Power Spacer increases your plenum and helps your Jeep's engine to atomize your air/fuel mixture providing a better burn by leaving less unburned fuel in your manifold. This process puts your fuel to better use (combustion) which equals more horse power and torque output from your Jeep's engine.

To add to this equation, the GSP Power Spacer Air Blades force incomming air to twist and spin with even greater velocity optimizing your performance. With this efficiency you can expect a one to three mile per gallon increase in your fuel economy... that is of course if you can keep your foot off the pedal.

Numerous test we've conducted show performance gains ranging from 5-10 HP increase with plenty of torque to boot. Results will vary depending on engine size and modifications. For optimal results, we recommend using a K&N filter and/or after market air intake on your Jeep in conjunction to the GSP Power Spacer.

The GSP Power Spacers DO NOT aversely effect your Jeep's emissions. In fact, their efficiency helps emissions as less fuel is left unburned in the manifold. The GSP Power Spacers are specifically designed for performance thru out the whole RPM range from crawling on the rocks to wide open throttle with an increase in throttle response.

Slap one on and enjoy the ride!

Post Installation Notes:

I am currently running stock 3.73 gears and have experienced a significant loss in power since installing 33x12.50 tires. I am planning on installing new gears as soon as I can afford it. However, I can honestly say that extra horse power I gained from installing a GSP Power Spacer Throttle Body Spacer has been enough to make the wait tollerable. I don't know exactly how much extra horse power I gained but it is noticable.

GSP Power Spacers
Extreme Throttle Body Spacer

Available for 1991-02 Jeep 2.5L & 1991-06 4.0L Engines

A loss in power and performance in a Jeep is a very common problem especially if you are running larger than stock tires on a 2.5L engine or a 4.0L engine with stock 3.73 gears or worse, 3.07's. The only real way to fix your power loss is by installing new gears that match the size of your tires. Only problem is that new gears can set you back a thousand dollars or more.

So, what can you do to help things out? Install some bolt on horse power like an air intake system, headers, high flow muffler and/or a throttle body spacer. These are by no means a perfect solution to your power loss woes but the extra horse power they will yield will give you a little more pep and certianly help out. Fortunately, a GSP Power Spacers Extreme throttle body spacer like this only costs $69.95!

As you can see in this pic, the GSP Power Spacers Throttle Body Spacer comes complete with throttle body spacer, new and longer bolts, washers and 2 new gaskets.
1. Begin the installation of your new GSP Power Spacers Throttle Body Spacer by disconnecting the negative lead from your battery. You will need a 1/2" wrench to do this.
2. Using a flathead screw driver, loosen the clamp securing your air intake tube to your air cleaner and throttle body. Then, detach the smaller CCV tube which is attached to the middle of your air intake tube. Remove the air intake tube from your engine compartment.
3. There are 3 electrical connetions attached to your throttle body that will need to be unplugged at this time. To do this, squeeze on the plastic tab and pull firmly. This might be a little tough at first but it will come free. Do not use any tools to remove these plugs as they might damage them.
4. Detach the throttle cable, cruise control cable and throttle return spring. The throttle cable is just snapped into place and should pop off with a little effort. If you look carefully, the cruise control connector is simply slid on and will come off with ease.
5. Using a 10mm socket and 6" ratchet extension, remove the 4 bolts securing the throttle body to your intake manifold.
6. Carefully remove the throttle body and gasket material from your intake manifold. Make special effort not to let anything fall into the intake manifold. Take your throttle body to a work bench and thoroughly clean it out using carburetor cleaner and a clean rag.
7. Spray a little carburetor cleaner onto a rag and carefully wipe the mating surface on your intake manifold. Again, make sure nothing falls inside. Place one of your new gaskets onto the mating surface of the manifold, place your new GSP Power Spacers Throttle Body Spacer on top of it and then top it off by placing the second new gasket on top of it.
8. Slip the new washers onto the new bolts that came with your kit and insert them into the holes of your throttle body. Then, carefully place the whole thing on top of your new GSP Power Spacers Throttle Body Spacer. Loosely thread on the new bolts finger tight.
9. Open up your throttle plate by hand and look down into the throttle body to make sure everything is aligned evenly. Make any adjustment needed at this time.
10. Using an inch pound torque wrench, secure your throttle body bolts to 100 in. lbs. in a criss-cross pattern. You do not want to over tighten these bolts as you might damage the threads on your intake manifold.
11. Reconnect your throttle cable, cruise control cable, the 3 electrical plugs, air intake tube and last but not least, your negative battery lead.

That should be it. Your Jeep should now have just a bit more pep than you had prior to the installation of your new GSP Power Spacers Throttle Body Spacer. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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