ORO Off Road Only
X-Line High Temperature
Synthetic Winch Rope
What You will Need
ORO X-Line Synthetic Winch Rope
ORO Aluminum Fairlead
ORO Abrasion Guard
• Phillips Screwdriver
• 5/8" Wrench
• Thread Locker (optional)

Off Road Only X-Line
High Temperature Synthetic
Winch Rope Specifications

• X-Line™ is rated at 18,000 pounds and comes with a 24,000 pound locking safety hook. The tensile strength of X-Line™ is 28g/de (24.7cn/dtex,350kg/mm2), which is 8 times as strong as steel and 3 times as strong as fiberglass, polyester and nylon of the same weight.

• X-Line™ can handle the heat, unlike the competition! It has a decomposition temperature of 932°F, and can be used at 400°F for long periods of time. Even at 490°F, it maintains more than half of its tensile strength that was measured at room temperature. This is 3 times better than UHMWPE fibers currently in use and has been a major concern by winch manufactures regarding the use of fiber ropes.

• X-Line™ exhibits high resistance to both acids, alkalis and organic solvents. It is also resistant to sea water and steam.

• X-Line™ is made from copolymers PPTA(poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide).

• X-Line™ has a 3/8” diameter and comes in standard lengths of 100', but we can make any custom length.

• X-Line™ is now manufactured with a weave and coating that contains additional UV protectant has allowed X-Line HT™ (High Temp) to excel even farther past the competition
Off Road Only X-Line High Temperature
Synthetic Winch Rope

By far, one of the best advancements in off road technology has been the introduction of synthetic winch rope. Any which way you look at it, synthetic winch rope is stronger, lighter and safer than steel cable not to mention it floats too. However, there is one thing you should take into consideration when purchasing synthetic winch rope and it's not the cost.... it's the heat.

I know the temptation is to run out and buy something like Amsteel Blue synthetic winch rope because it is in fact very affordable. The only problem with high density fish boat ropes like these is that they have a critical melting point of 150°F and the internal brake in most electric winches can cause the drum to exceed temperatures of 300°F. Even if physical damage is not detectable by the naked eye, the chemical alteration caused by the extreme heat will compromise the integrity and strength of the synthetic winch rope and failure is likely if spooled beyond the point where the damage has occurred.

Unlike most of the fishing boat synthetic winch rope out on the market today, Off Road Only's High Temperature X-Line has been specially designed to withstand unlimited heat cyclings of 450° with only a minor loss of load strength while at extreme temperatures. Once cooled off, the load rating of a high 18,000 lbs minimum breaking strength will return back to the Off Road Only X-Line synthetic winch rope.

Need I say, this is why I decided to do it right the first time, spend a little more cash and pick up an Off Road Only's High Temperature X-Line synthetic winch rope, aluminum fairlead and abrasion guard.

Here's a pic of what the Off Road Only High Temperature X-Line and Aluminum Fairlead looks like right out of the box. When upgrading from steel cable to synthetic winch rope, it is highly recommended that you replace your used and abused roller fairlead
Here is a pic of why I replaced my steel winch cable. On my last trail ride, I had to perform several very difficult recoveries which smashed my steel cable in two different locations. While the cable might still be good enough to keep pulling me or others out of a jam... I didn't want to take the risk.
1. To start your ORO X-Line installation, spool out your existing steel winch cable completely out. Then, remove the screw or bolt securing the lead to the winch drum. I have a T-Max EW-9500 winch and all I needed was a phillips screwdriver for this.
2. Now, remove the nuts securing your existing roller fairlead to the winch plate using a 5/8" wrench. You do not need to remove the bolts (and thank goodness too) as you will be reusing them on your new ORO X-Line Aluminum Fairlead.
3. Fasten your new ORO X-Line Aluminum Fairlead to your winch plate using the existing bolts already in place. The ORO X-Line fairlead is a bit more expensive then others on the market but at 3" thick and with an opening that is rounded on the back as well as the front, it is in my opinion the best.
4. Using the new hardware supplied with the ORO X-Line synthetic winch rope, slip the tapped end through the eye of the bracket, lay it flat and then secure the bracket to the winch drum using the original screw.

5. Re-engage your winch and then slowly spool in your new ORO X-Line Synthetic Winch Rope. Be mindful of your hands that they don't go too near the fairlead. Also, make sure that the winch rope is secured tightly in place when all is said and done.
Close up shot of the ORO X-Line
Integrated Locking Safety Hook
ORO X-Line Abrasion Guard Rolled Up

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