Here's what the shocks look like right out of the box. As you can see, both front and rear shocks have built in bump stops.
Apply white lithium grease to both the bushing and bar pin and then rotate the entire shock back and forth with one hand while pushing down with the other.
Here you can see that I installed the rear shocks inverted (cans in the up position) so that they can clear the lower spring perch.
In order to remove your existing shocks, you may be required to hold the top of the stud with a wrench to prevent it from spinning as shown above.
Front shock installed right side up.
Doetsch Tech DT8000 Pre-Runner Shock
Write-Up & Installation

In the market for a new set of shocks? Well, there are a lot of great ones out there like the Rancho 9000 adjustable or Edelbrock IAS but.... do you really need all those extra doodads? If you're anything like me, all you want is a good shock that will provide a good ride, eat up the bumps, not empty out your wallet and be able to be mounted upside down. Yup, you heard me right, upside down.

Unlike most shocks on the market today that can only be mounted with the shock cans down, Doetsch Tech Shocks can be mounted inverted. For the most part, this is no big deal but if you have a Dana 44 rear axle and a lift on your Jeep, a standard shock can get pinched up against your lower spring perches at a full droop. Mounting them upside down allows the cans to get pulled out of the way leaving the shock rod standing clear of the perches. Sure, Edelbrock shocks need to be mounted upside down but at $80+ a pop, who can afford that. DT3000s can be bought for only $35 a piece and DT8000's for about $40 at Quadratec.

I used to own DT3000 when I just had a 2" Budget Boost and like them very much. My only complaint was that they were a bit too soft for my taste. They provide a great factory like ride but I prefer something a bit firmer. So, I decided to try out a set of DT8000 when I lifted my Jeep to 3".

What You Will Need
• Doetsch Tech DT-8000 Pre-Runner Shocks*
• Metric & SAE Sockets/Wrenches (13, 15, 18, 19mm, 9/16")
• Ratchet
• Crescent Wrench
• Torque Wrench
• Ratchet Extension
• Floor Jack
• Wheel Chocks
• White Lithium Grease
• Bench Vice

* For my 3" Lift+1" spacers, I purchased the part# 8231 Rear (22.50" extended - 13.50" collapsed) and 8282 Front (24.50" extended -14.50" collapsed). The shocks you need will depend on how much of a lift you have. Check with Doetsch's shock guide by clicking on the following link before purchasing yours: Doetsch Shock Guide

1. Park on level ground and spray your shock bolts with some PB Blaster.

2. Starting from the rear, climb under your Jeep and remove your existing shocks. A ratchet extension will really help out to reach the upper mounting bolts.

3 .
As I'm sure you've already noticed, the new shocks do not come with the bar pins installed through the bushings. Unfortunately, they can be a bit difficult to push through too. Here's what you will need to do. First, place the bar pin in a bench vice, lube it and the shock bushing well with white lithium grease.

4. Now, place the shock bushing over the bar pin, work it around the pin a bit and then push down forcefully with one hand while rotating the entire shock back and forth with your other hand. The bar pin should slip through with ease. While you are at it, go ahead and install the bar pins on your front shocks too.

5. Your rear shocks should have come with two metal sleeves. Slide these into the bottom bushings and then install your new rear shocks.

6. For the front, you will need to jack up your Jeep and remove the wheels to get better access to the shocks. Be sure your parking brake is engaged and chock your rear wheels before proceeding.

7. Crack loose but do not remove the lug nuts on your front driver side wheel. Then, jack up your front axle from the differential enough to get it off the ground.

8. Remove your tire and then your existing shock. Your front shocks have a stud mount on top and it will need to be held with a wrench (I just used a crescent wrench) while unscrewing the nut with another wrench.

9. Install your new front shock, put your wheel back on and then tighten your lug nuts a bit so that it is secure.

10. Lower your Jack and then torque your lug nuts to 95 ft. lbs.

11. Repeat steps 7 - 10 on the passenger side but jack up your your axle from the housing right next to the lower control arm.

That should be it. Nice, fast and easy mod. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Post Installation Notes & Review

Well, I've had these shocks on my TJ for about a month now and can tell you this.... the longer I have them the more I like them. They are considerably stiffer then the BDS and DT-3000 shocks I had before but, I'm finding that I like it that way. The only quirky thing I have noticed is that with the rear shocks mounted upside down, they seem to be a bit bouncy. By that, I mean they don't seem to valve as well under slight movement. For example, when I come to a stop, the nose dips down right? Well, right after the dip, my Jeep tends to rock back and forth a couple of times as if the rear shocks are not absorbing the motion at all. It's just a slight thing and they do seem to ride real well otherwise but I just thought I would let you know what I've experienced. I'll keep you updated on how things go.

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